Argentina votes against legalizing abortions.

Passing a law in favor of abortion, to legalize or finance it is equivalent to forcing ALL to be responsible for the carelessness, accidents, and decisions of others; is to make us all the hostages of these people, their carelessness, accidents and deaths.

Therefore, you can not pass a law that “legalizes” abortion.

First, because there is no need for a law for any person to do what they want with their body, and secondly, because there is enough financial motivation for abortion to be a business and for anyone to obtain an abortion. But, for there is Planned Parenthood, which funds abortion in many countries in the Americas.

In addition to being an abortion provider, this entity benefits economically from the sale of fetuses and human tissue that are sold for social purposes.

So, why do you want to legalize abortion? Do you already have enough financing and you can have one?

It is about forcing, using coercion to accept a desire or a need of a sector of the population, or sea, a group of people is forced to policies or ideas that others want to impose.

It is also about establishing “new normals”. There are already countries where pedophilia is legal. There are places where rape is forgiven. There are countries where Feminism, a movement led by a hoax intends to destroy society as we know it under the auspices of equality.

Abortion in Latin America

Some people are well-intentioned in their desire to legalize abortions in Latin America and the rest of the world. However, those who are at the top of the pro-abortion movement could care less about women’s health, their rights or whether a new law benefits or not.

Abortion is wanted as a legal procedure because it is a business and because the potential financial benefits and incentives are too big to pass.

If you are not aware of the real agenda behind the pro-abortion movement, which is being pushed by health agencies and pharmaceutical companies that bribe government officials to vote for legalizing abortions, please feel free to watch and listen in-depth information from a former pro-abortion feminist who spoke in public about the real intentions that lie behind terms such as the “Right to Decide”, “Gender Equality”, “Safety for Women and fetuses” and other canards.

Saying NO to legalized abortion is not about preventing women from taking control of their lives or their bodies. It is their decision, in most cases, to have sexual intercourse safely or not. No one forced them, except in the case of rape, to have sex with anyone.

Although many people oppose abortion on religious grounds, to the point of voting against legalizing abortion because of what their religion says about it, it is not religion what prevents women from taking control of their bodies.

Yesterday, Argentina voted NO to legalizing abortions, with 31 out of 69 representatives donating their support to legislation that would have used public funds to finance abortions in the South American country.

Existing legislation, which dates from 1921 and that already allows abortion in case of rape or risk of life for the mother, wanted to be eliminated because it does not serve commercial and ideological purposes of the extreme Left elite, the pharmaceutical companies, and Planned Parenthood.

The propaganda in favor of legalizing abortion is so poor, however, that they had to change the name of ABORTION to the VOLUNTARY INTERRUPTION OF PREGNANCY to make it palatable to the masses.

The negative result muted the tens of thousands of people who stood outside the Argentinian Parliament with pro-abortion signs. Not far from there, opponents celebrated the negative vote.

The victory in the Chamber of Deputies, but especially the massive mobilization that accompanied the ‘yes’ on June 14, made abortion supporters think at first that the green tide would also prevail in the Senate, a much more conservative House, where the interests of the interior provinces of the country are represented.

But with the passage of the weeks, public pressure gained ground until the vote was decided.

In their speeches before defining the vote, many senators hid behind their religious beliefs and the need to save both lives – that of the mother and that of the fetus – to justify their vote against the bill.

The debate began early in the morning, in an attempt to avoid discussions extending beyond midnight. It was a vain attempt because the session lasted almost 16 hours and ended at around 3:00 in the morning.

Despite the heated exchanges on the street, the tone within the venue was measured, faithful to the protocol of the Senate.

The truth of all this is that an abortion will not be less tragic because it is done in an operating room. No, it will be just as tragic.

Laws that protect life differ from country to country, but in Argentina, the embryo has constitutional rights from the moment of conception and, although abortion is a fact, it cannot be reduced by a law that regulates it.

Pro-abortion campaigners have used a very divisive rhetoric before and even after the vote in Argentina. As usual, men have been the target of a decision that is completely for women to make. Getting pregnant is a decision that only women can make, yet men are to blame for their alleged “loneliness”, they say.

“Women are alone, the man aborts before, disappearing, which is why this is a problem for women, abortions are done and the debate today is about legal or illegal abortion,” said Peronist senator Norma Durango. Her colleague, Beatriz Mirkin, was more direct: “I am here to legislate, and here in Argentina there are abortions taking place. I have seen them because I have worked in hospitals. I have seen many more uterine lesions than you imagine,” she said.

As pointed out, women who were victims of rape or whose lives are in danger because of a pregnancy, now have the right to get an abortion. Everyone else who “made a mistake”, who “had an accident” or who was simply careless, must deal with the fact that a new life has been created and they are directly responsible. If they decide not to give birth to their child, Planned Parenthood will be more than willing to give them a free abortion, any day of the week.

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