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America “Accidentally” Attacks Syrian Army positions 

Syrian Army

More than 00 soldiers of the Syrian army men were murdered Saturday by a US-led coalition bombing, said a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. Since the announcement, the United States has said that the attack did happen, but that it was an “accident”.

“Today, between 17.00 and 17.50 Moscow time, warplanes of the international coalition against the Islamic State -two F16 and two A10- carried out four attacks near the airport of Deir al Zor against Syrian government forces,” said General Igor Konashenkov.

According to the information received from Syrian control, the air bombing killed 80 Syrian soldiers and wounded another 100.

Konashenkov said that coalition aircraft entered Syrian airspace from the side of the Syrian-Iraqi border.

He said that the attacked Syrian forces were surrounded by “terrorists from the Islamic State” as the attack was carried out by the four planes.

“Immediately after the airstrike, ISIS militants began an offensive taking advantage of the fact that the Syrian forces were decimated. The attack took place near the airfield where humanitarian aid has been dropped to help the local population,” Konashenkov said.

The Syrian army also accused the “US coalition aircraft” of bombing a military position of the Syrian army near the military airport of the city of Deir al Zor.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, citing military sources inside the airport, said the bombing killed at least 30 members of the military forces of the Syrian regime.

The bombing comes on the penultimate day of the truce reached by mediation of Washington and Moscow on 9 September. At first, the US said it was “possible” that their bombs had hit the Syrian Army and later confirmed that the attack had been an accident.

The admission came from the US Department of Defense which controls the operations of the so-called international coalition. The bombs hit Syrian Army personnel and their vehicles in eastern Syria.

In a statement, the Pentagon said that the forces of the international coalition believed they were hitting a position of a group of militants of the Islamic State that it had been following for “a significant amount of time.”

However, according to the Pentagon, Russian military personnel warned US forces that it was “possible” that staff and vehicles that they were bombing were part of the forces of the Syrian regime and then the international coalition decided to stop the attack.

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