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Back in Fascist Canada 

There is no place like home, unless home is no longer what it used to be. It is not pleasant to get back home when home is a place where free people are abused, attacked, harassed and intimidated.

This is the experience author and activist Kevin Mugur Galalae went through this week at an airport checkpoint in Canada.

The problem is that Mr. Galalae is not a criminal or a suspect of any crime. His issue is that he speaks against the corruption that governs over Canada, even at the local level, and this makes him believe that the country he moved to many years ago with his parents, is now a fascist country.

Kevin has been a target of police abuse for years, which is one of the reasons he stayed out of Canada for a while.

Author and activist Kevin Galalae with one of his sons who he has been separated from for years.

Author and activist Kevin Galalae with one of his sons who he has been separated from for years.

After having to deal with corrupt police and an even more corrupt judicial system, he lost his battle -though not the war, he says- for the custody of his children, who he has not seen for a long time.

“No sooner did I arrive in Canada then the harassment and intimidation began. The authorities were waiting for me, called my name so I would step out of the lineup, and immediately confiscated my passport without giving any reason.”

According to Galalae, he was funneled from one control to another for almost three hours. During this period of time he was intimidated with intrusive questions and intimations that he would be arrested. He also was a victim of unwarranted inspections of every single item in his three suitcases, and even his computer files.

“The illegality began no sooner I set foot on Canadian soil, which drove home the message that I am not welcome but also that Canada is on the brink of collapse,” he said.

Galalae explains that Canadian authorities reported his passport as lost or stolen in an attempt to detect his entry into the country. That in itself, he says, is a falsification of publicly held data and a criminal offense.

“They then refused to tell me how long I will be held or to tell my friend who waited for me at the airport to take me home that I would be delayed for hours by Canada customs. This is a breach of due process and a violation of any and all norms of hospitality,” the author and activist said. This is exactly the reason why Galalae believes that Canada has become a tyrannic State. He added that despite multiple requests to be explained about his detention, airport authorities refused to tell him why he was being subjected to a number of intrusive searches and invasion of privacy.

“To get me to understand that Canada is now a fascist country the officers then devastated the entire content of my suitcases. They took every single item out and never put a single one back, opened letters and copied their content by hand, looked into my notebooks and copied some of their content, and opened several of my computer files and took notes by hand; all the while asking questions that made even Israel’s border controls look lax by comparison.”

Galalae was not necessarily surprised about the “special attention” he received as he has experienced corruption and harassment inside Canada before, What did shock him, though, was the fact that this time all harassment and delay was apparently being guided through a computer communications system from Ottawa. He says that officials at the airport were being remotely delegated every step of the way.

“Someone was trying to have me arrested but it appears that a judge refused to grant them the request. But I kept as cool as a cucumber not to give them the satisfaction that their intimidation measures had any effect.” Kevin said that the abuse was so evident at a certain point that he was preparing himself to be sent to jail, in which case it would have been his seventh unjustified arrest.

“Judging by the “welcome” I received from the Canadian authorities it is clear that they are not happy to see me and also that they are terrified by me. In the past, Mr. Galalae has denounced corrupt practices at Police Departments in his city and throughout the judicials system in Canada.

Galalae is the founder of the Center of Global Consciousness and the author of several books among which are Killing Us Softly: The Global Depopulation Policy, Peace Without Poison, the Series Survival or Extinction and The Future of Global Governance: Sustainable Development Goals: How? Why? When?

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About the author: Luis R. Miranda

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