Barack Obama laughed at Donald Trump when he said he would keep manufacturing jobs in the United States. He laughed when Trump claimed he would have Carrier stay in the country. He laughed again when he said he would negotiate with other companies to keep them from going abroad.

Now that Trump prevented Carrier and Ford from moving out and as he negotiates with other companies, even before he takes over as president of the United States, Obama continies to “educate” Trump about how to do things he was too incompetent to do in 8 years.

During a speech before US Army men and women, the war-monger, Nobel Peace Prize winner, criticized Trump for what he called “false promises”.

“Instead of offering false promises that we can eliminate terrorism by throwing more bombs or deploying more and more troops, or isolating us from the rest of the world, we have to adopt a perspective view of the terrorist threat,” Obama said.

Obama referred to Trump’s promise to fight ISIS and to eliminate its threat, something that Obama showed he was uncapable of doing. In Obama’s world, it is impossible to finish ISIS off.

Barack Obama today defended the strategy with which he fought terrorism during his eight years in power and warned his successor, Donald Trump, that this threat will not disappear on the basis of interventionism, torture, supporting extremists or intolerance with Muslims. Funnily enough, those have been Barack Obama’s tactics for the past two administrations.

In his latest speech on defense issues, Obama articulated the differences between his anti-terrorist policy and those of his predecessor, George W. Bush, and offered a series of prescriptions to whom will replace him in power in January.

Obama attempted to justify his failures by blaming them on the fact he has governed during a time of war. ”On January 20, I will become the first US president, who has completed two full wartime mandates,” Obama said from MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

He acknowledged that he had set a record for his continued war, while asserting at the same time that he had been guided in the contests in Afghanistan and Iraq by legal and moral standards.

“For the past eight years, we have demonstrated that being true to our traditions as a nation of laws benefits our security as well as our values,” Obama said, recalling that he opposed torture to terrorism suspects.

Obama defended that his anti-terrorist policy has made Al Qaeda “a shadow of what it was” and is “breaking the backbone of the Islamic State”, which has lost almost “half the territory” it controlled in 2014 in Iraq and Syria. “And we have spent 10 billion dollars in two years, the same amount we used to spend in a month on the height of the Iraq war,” Obama said.

The president celebrated that “no terrorist group” has “successfully launched an attack” in the United States during his presidency, but acknowledged that there have been massacres like the Boston Marathon in 2013 or a nightclub in Orlando last June, perpetrated by “unbalanced individuals who radicalized themselves on the Internet.”

“So this threat will endure. We will not be able to achieve the type of victory clearly defined, comparable to those we won in previous wars against nations,” said the president who aided terrorists instead of fighting them in Libya and Syria.

Without naming Trump directly, Obama also sought to dismantle many of the arguments of his election campaign, and asked Trump to maintain a “smart” and sustainable long-term strategy. In Obama’s view, defeating terrorism is impossible and instead Mr. Trump should keep and ongoing state of war.

Obama warned that “stigmatizing Muslims” and declaring war on Islam because according to him it would embolden extremist groups and would have a high human and moral cost to the United States.

“We do not impose religious tests as evidence of freedom,” Obama said in reference to Trump’s plan to subject certain immigrants and refugees to “extreme scrutiny” based on “ideological tests.”

Obama also referred to the Guantanamo prison, which he failed to close as proposed in 2009, and described it as “a stain on US national honor” that his successor should try to close, because “to spend hundreds of millions of dollars “to keep 59 prisoners there” is not a sign of strength.” With this, Obama admitted that his presidency was a weak one, indeed.

“The politics of fear has led Congress to prevent any prisoners from being transferred to prisons in the United States,” Obama lamented, sending dozens of prisoners to other countries. Meanwhile the US government does not know how to deal with the remaining 59 alleged terrorists who face charges for planning terrorist acts against the US. Those charges have not been proven by the US government.

Much of the Republican opposition in Congress accuses Obama of increasing the risk of terrorism against the United States. With his “disastrous withdrawal” from Iraq, culminating in 2011, his “indecision” in Afghanistan and his “indifference to the carnage in Syria”, in the words of Senator John McCain.

Despite his promise to end Bush’s wars, Obama has fuelled those very same wars and created new ones. He has kept about 10,000 troops in Afghanistan despite declaring the end of the combat mission in 2014. The Afghan war, which has lasted 15 years, is the longest in US history.

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