Members of the staff of the BBC received complaints about the behavior of Jimmy Savile, the former host hiding under a star profile when all he was was a sexual predator. Nobody who knew who Savile really was spoke about it because of a “culture of fear” that still persists in the corporation.

That is the devastating conclusion of an independent investigation commissioned by the BBC itself, which has identified 72 victims, including eight who were raped.

The report that has just been presented by the former appeals court judge Janet Smith, stresses that the BBC missed at least five opportunities to curb whom she calls a “monstrous sexual predator” whose youngest victim was only 8 years of age.

The investigation that begun in 2012 has scrutinized the culture and practices within the BBC over the years when Savile was one of its employees, although most cases of sexual abuse occurred in the 70s.

The corporation chose to turn a blind eye to what was an open secret and “failed to protect those who had placed their trust in it”, acknowledged the president of the governing body of the BBC, Rona Fairhead.

A parallel report suggests that the direction of the BBC’s headquarters in Manchester knew about the “inappropriate” sexual behavior of other journalists, but also chose to ignore it.

“The two known abusers, Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall, used their fame and position to abuse the most vulnerable,” said Janet Smith on the protagonists of a scandal that only came to light a year after the death of Jimmy Savile, in October 201.

Until then, the victims of the presenter, who used his position of status as the host of the popular musical Top of the Pops, were the subject of ostracism from those responsible for the BBC and, in some cases, the police themselves dismissed several complaints from victims who came forward.

During his reign oh horror, the BBC turned a blind eye and let the abuses go on while shielding Savile behind a wall of silence.

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