Germany is the European version of the United States in America. It is the political bully that imposes its will on other EU member-states. Most of the wealth accumulated by Berlin in the last decade has been looted out of other European nations via the IMF, the troika and the ECB, and its threats are to be taken seriously.

For months, the German government has tried to convince EU partners to agree on a more “equitable” distribution of refugees, a measure that Merkel’s regime has not applied when it comes to dealing with the debt crisis.

Germany’s threats to those who oppose the balkanization of western Europe, through mass immigration, have gone up a notch after interior ministers were unable yesterday to agree on a quota system.

Germany is the main supporter of opening everyone’s borders to welcome at least 800,000 thousand migrants this year alone, and although the country offered unconditional support to the migrants at the beginning, Merkel has now closed the country’s borders. The same has been done by Austria and Slovakia, who have also imposed border controls.

After closing the borders, Berlin raised the tone and threatened countries with “consequences” if EU partners, especially the East ones, including Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, the most reluctant to mandatory quotas, do not bend over to accept Germany’s requests.

Angela Merkel’s government had resisted until now to make their threats public, but yesterday and today, the Merkel government has made harsh accusations against European partners and announced measures to pressure countries that will not accept Germany’s demands.

Countries that refuse to accept quotas will not be punished, according to Merkel. So we have to start talking about measures of pressure those who won’t,” said German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere,

De Maiziere added that an “unsupportive minority” consists of “countries receiving many structural funds”, pointing in the same direction that had already been shown by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker: those who refuse to accept a certain percentage of refugees may suffer some economic punishment. “Unless we change, we in Europe a very big problem,” he concluded the minister.

In summary, Germany and the EU intend to coerce countries into accepting hundreds of thousands of migrants or be subject to economic terrorism, the same kind of measures that have been applied on Greece, Italy, Spain and other countries during the ongoing economic crisis.

The European Commission clarified Tuesday that there is “no legal basis” to reduce structural aid to countries that refuse to host refugees. “The cooperation and operational agreements for the current programs do not offer a legal basis for reducing the structural and European investment funds allocated,” said at a press conference the spokesman of the EU executive, Margaritis Schinas, when asked about the German proposal.

The lack of a legal basis does not mean that pro-illegal immigration members will not launch a witch hunt against nations that refuse to accept refugees. Furthermore, Germany, as it has done in the past, may launch a campaign to create a legal basis for the kind of economic terrorism that its leaders have proposed.

The number two of the Government and leader of the Social Democrats, Sigmar Gabriel, has also used harsh words to describe what happened on Monday in Brussels. “Europe was ridiculed yesterday,” said Gabriel, who on Sunday had said that the number of immigrants that are to seek asylum in Germany is now estimated at one million, instead of the original forecast of 800,000.

The Deputy Foreign Minister considers it unacceptable that Germany will become the “payer of Europe” and that the other countries only get “involved when it comes to collecting money, but not when it is necessary to take responsibility.” Gabriel said that the current immigration crisis is a greater threat than Greece.

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