From medical research to medical treatment. From the way that hospitals see patients to the way doctors prescribe pharmaceuticals, the medical establishment is bought and paid for by big drug companies.

No surprise there, right?

What is surprising is that a former top executive from one of those pharmaceutical companies confesses with a straight face that drug companies dictate, directly and indirectly, how the medical establishment goes about its business.

According to Dr. Peter Rost, a former vice president of Pfizer the pharmaceutical industry is at the steering wheel of everything medical. He is the author of “The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman,”

Rost is an insider expert on big pharma marketing and how their strategy results in the medical system the world has today. No one escapes it, not even countries where medicine is socialized.

Let’s take a listen.

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Now that we have had the rare opportunity to hear about the corruption and influence of the pharmaceutical industry mafia right from the mouth of a former member, it is interesting to ask why is it so difficult for so many people to understand that modern medicine is for the most part a hoax? Even worse, why do they need to hear it from a former member of the mafia to believe it?

In a quote published by Collective Evolution, Dr. John P.A. Ioannidis says that there is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false.”

Knowledge about the dealings of the medical mafia have been published for many years, yet most of the public lacks awareness about it. People still trust their doctors blindly when they say vaciness or other products are safe and effective. Most patients don’t even bother to read dosage recommendations or ask about side effects.

This reality is even more serious if we take into account the fact that most medical research is bogus but passes as true Science because government health agencies are also part of the scam that needs to be supported by mandates and rules that obligate many people, even thouse aware of the medical lies to accept it.



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