He rejects violence, populism and, above all, nationalism.

According to him, populism and nationalism are two examples of movements that ”take the lowest human instincts.”

His name is Peter Sutherland, representative of the UN Secretary General for Migration. Sutherland is a Bilderberg attendee who must certainly will not miss the Group’s annual gathering to be held in Austria beginning on Thursday.

Sutherland, 70, insists that flooding Europe with violent immigrants can only bring prosperity to the region.

Immigration is one of the top three topics to be dealt with at Bilderberg this year, along with the rise of Donald J. Trump and the global economic depression.

Sutherland says that the massive inflow of unwanted immigrants is a positive thing even though the continent’s finances have been suffering for almost a decade and millions of Europeans largely reject his unproven theory.

“Immigration is necessary for the European economy,” says Sutherland convincingly.

In the midst of the largest refugee crisis the world is facing since the Second World War, and that has put the European Union in a situation that it had not faced in decades, the Irish commissar has said that, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), migrants are generally net contributors to public finances”.

Sutherland is right. In the whole, migrants that enter a country or, in this case, a continent, legally, are generally a positive. However, in the case of Europe, countries have rejected the massive and out of control arrival of millions of people without names and without documentation to prove who they are.

The result of letting in millions of people from unknown places has already rendered two terror attacks by extremists who entered the continent precisely as asylum seekers.

Although most nation-states in Europe do have a sound immigration policy, the EU rejects those policies and calls them racist, xenophobic and nationalistic, as if the welfare of the European people were less important than that of immigrants whose origin and intentions cannot be vetted.

Sutherland wants to convince Europeans that welcoming immigrants and refugees is a win-win situation for host countries.

“Migrants also contribute substantially to the economies of their own countries because they send money back home,” he illustrates.

In one of his studies, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimated that the EU invested more than one million euros in 2015 in the reception and management of asylum seekers.

The representative for the UN migration office further argues that 2016 spending numbers show that the region will spend 0.7% of GDP and that such a figure will nearly double by 2020.

Sutherland says he regrets that taxes paid by migrants are much higher than the benefits they receive. He wants migrants to enter European nations in large numbers and to pay nothing for what they get, in addition to paying lower taxes that the citizens.

Sutherland wants countries to take in millions of so-called refugees and to allocate more from their GDP to what he calls a humanitarian crisis.

For Sutherland, solidarity coming from the EU’s twenty-eight states is more than necessary when entire families are fleeing conflict zones. That is why he criticises some countries, especially those of the East for not having done much for the migrants and in addition to that “obstructing” the guidelines of Brussels.

Sutherland does not mention that it has been Europe and its war partner, the United States, the two responsible parties for inciting unnecessary wars in the Middle East and Northern Africa and that, unless these wars stop, no amount of good will and money will be enough to help refugees fleeing war zones..

The UN representative still thinks that “the EU has not failed, but its the Member States have.” That is how he responds to  criticism from eurosceptics with regard to the impending June 23 referendum that will determine whether or not the UK remains in the EU.

“The call to extremist nationalism” is unacceptable to Sutherland and not only because countries profess to close the doors to foreigners and immigrants but because “the concept that we are better, is wrong,” says Sutherland referring to France and Germany’s nationalist movements. “We must fight these thoughts.”

Sutherland does not respect national sovereignty. He is all for enforcing unconstitutional European policies that oppress a nation’s laws on immigration and other pressing issues.

What people like Sutherland are really pursuing is to collapse European nations so the technocratic elite can then absorve them under the EU framework.

In fact, Sutherland has come out for enforcing European laws above national laws when it comes to immigration policy. One example of that is Geneva Convention as it relates the reception of refugees.

Sutherland has nothing to say about the legality of the controversial agreement between Brussels and Turkey through which the EU seeks to end arrivals of migrants in exchange for exempting Turkish people from having to get a visa.

The European plan to turn Turkey into an open air refugee camp also meant the payment of 6 billion euros to the Erdogan criminal regime.

The money would supposedly serve the purpose of resettling refugees in Turkish communities and lands. However, as we have reported earlier, tens of thousands of refugees end up living and working in labor camps where they are forced to work 18 hours a day.

The UN representative for migration is, however, optimistic and says that the agreement between Brussels and Ankara will somehow tackle irregular immigration. He applauded the fact that it “encourages immigration by legal means”, but warns: “Although this model may work, it cannot be transferred to other places like Libya or Nigeria.”

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