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Bill and Hillary Clinton Got Super-Rich Selling Influence 


My writing, media work and occasional public talks are entirely pro bono. No one pays me a dime, nor do I expect compensation other than the gratification of knowing-doing the right thing is its own reward – a priceless benefit I cherish. That is different from Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Hillary and husband Bill have polar opposite values. They became super-rich selling influence, their net worth estimated at between $100 and $200 million, most of it stashed in tax havens.

Unbridled lust for power and greed drive them, despicable wickedness by any standard – their policies reasons among others why America is so feared and reviled.

Clintons for sale! Last May, the New York Post published a list of speeches Hillary gave to various organizations (mostly Wall Street and other financial ones), the dates and compensation received, from April 2013 – March 2015 – likely stopping after she announced her candidacy for president, but given her dubious past, who knows. More may come out later.

All compensation she received per speech was in 6-figures – only seven out of over seven dozen listed were less than $200,000. Not all of her post-secretary of state addresses were included.

Deutsche Bank earlier paid her over $553,000 for one speech, Goldman Sachs $675,000 for another. Wall Street, other corporate interests and various other organizations know ya gotta pay plenty to play. In the 90s, the Clintons sold the Lincoln bedroom for hard cash.

In return for 6-figure fees to influential figures like Bill and Hillary, donors get huge returns on their investments in the form of no-bid government contracts, friendly legislation and other dubious favors.

Both Clintons amassed super-wealth the same despicable way, including from wealthy donors, foreign countries and organizations to their foundation, a money-laundering racket posing as a charitable NGO – proving beyond a shadow of a doubt they’re world class scoundrels, as well as neoliberal war criminals multiple times over. Here’s the New York Post published list:

4/18/2013, Morgan Stanley, Washington, DC: $225,000

4/24/2013, Deutsche Bank, Washington, DC: $225,000

4/24/2013, National Multi Housing Council, Dallas, Texas: $225,000

4/30/2013, Fidelity Investments, Naples, Fla.: $225,000

5/8/2013, Gap Inc., San Francisco, Calif.: $225,000

5/14/2013, Apollo Management Holdings LP, New York, NY: $225,000

5/16/2013, Itau BBA USA Securities, New York, NY: $225,000

5/21/2013, Vexizon Communications Inc., Washington, DC: $225,000

5/29/2013, Sanford C. Bernstein and Co. LLC, New York, NY: $225,000

6/4/2013, The Goldman Sachs Group, Palmetto Bluffs, SC: $225,000

6/6/2013, Spencer Stuart, New York, NY: $225,000

6/16/2013, Society for Human Resource Management, Chicago, Ill.: $285,000

6/17/2013, Economic Club of Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Mich.: $225,000

6/20/2013, Boston Consulting Group Inc., Boston, Mass.: $225,000

6/20/2013, Let’s Talk Entertainment Inc., Toronto, Canada: $250,000

6/24/2013, American Jewish University, Universal City, Calif.: $225,000

6/24/2013, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Company LP, Palos Verdes, Calif.: $225,000

7/11/2013, UBS Wealth Management, New York, NY: $225,000

8/7/2013, Global Business Travel Association, San Diego, Calif.: $225,000

8/12/2013, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Las Vegas, Nev.: $225,000

9/18/2013, American Society for Clinical Pathology, Chicago, Ill.: $225,000

9/19/2013, American Society of Travel Agents Inc., Miami, Fla.: $225,000

10/4/2013, Long Island Association, Long Island, NY: $225,000

10/15/2013, National Association of Convenience Stores, Atlanta, Ga.: $265,000

10/23/2013, SAP Global Marketing Inc., New York, NY: $225,000

10/24/2013, Accenture, New York, NY: $225,000

10/24/2013, The Goldman Sachs Group, New York, NY: $225,000

10/27/2013, Beth El Synagogue, Minneapolis, Minn.: $225,000

10/28/2013, Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, Chicago, Ill.: $400,000

10/29/2013, The Goldman Sachs Group, Tuscon, Ariz.: $225,000

11/4/2013, Mase Productions Inc., Orlando, Fla.: $225,000

11/4/2013, London Drugs Ltd., Mississauga, Canada: $225,000

11/6/2013, Beaumont Health System, Troy, Mich.: $305,000

11/7/2013, Golden Tree Asset Management, New York, NY: $275,000

11/9/2013, National Association of Realtors, San Francisco, Calif.: $225,000

11/13/2013, Mediacorp Canada Inc., Toronto, Canada: $225,000

11/13/2013, Bank of America, Bluffton, SC: $225,000

11/14/2013, CB Richard Ellis Inc., New York, NY: $250,000

11/18/2013, CIIE Group, Naples, Fla.: $225,000

11/18/2013, Press Ganey, Orlando, Fla.: $225,000

11/21/2013, U.S. Green Building Council, Philadelphia, Pa.: $225,000

01/06/2014, GE, Boca Raton, Fla.: $225,500

01/27/2014, National Automobile Dealers Association, New Orleans, La.: $325,500

01/27/2014, Premier Health Alliance, Miami, Fla.: $225,500

02/06/2014, Salesforce.com, Las Vegas, Nev.: $225,500

02/17/2014, Novo Nordisk A/S, Mexico City, Mexico: $125,000

02/26/2014, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Orlando, Fla.: $225,500

02/27/2014, A&E Television Networks, New York, NY: $280,000

03/04/2014, Association of Corporate Counsel – Southern California, Los Angeles, Calif.: $225,500

03/05/2014, The Vancouver Board of Trade, Vancouver, Canada: $275,500

03/06/2014, tinePublic Inc., Calgary, Canada: $225,500

03/13/2014, Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, Orlando, Fla.: $225,500

03/13/2014, Drug Chemical and Associated Technologies, New York, NY: $250,000

03/18/2014, Xerox Corporation, New York, NY: $225,000

03/18/2014, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, Montreal, Canada: $275,000

03/24/2014, Academic Partnerships, Dallas, Texas: $225,500

04/08/2014, Market° Inc., San Francisco, Calif.: $225,500

04/08/2014, World Affairs Council, Portland, Ore.: $250,500

04/10/2014, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Inc., Las Vegas, Nev.: $225,500

04/10/2014, Lees Talk Entertainment, San Jose, Calif.: $265,000

04/11/2014, California Medical Association (via satellite), San Diego, Calif.: $100,000

05/06/2014, National Council for Behavioral Healthcare, Washington, DC: $225,500

06/02/2014, International Deli-Dairy-Bakery Association, Denver, Colo.: $225,500

06/02/2014, Lees Talk Entertainment, Denver, Colo.: $265,000

06/10/2014, United Fresh Produce Association, Chicago, Ill.: $225,000

06/16/2014, tinePublic Inc., Toronto, Canada: $150,000

06/18/2014, tinePublic Inc., Edmonton, Canada: $100,000

06/20/2014, Innovation Arts and Entertainment, Austin, Texas: $150,000

06/25/2014, Biotechnology Industry Organization, San Diego, Calif.: $335,000

06/25/2014, Innovation Arts and Entertainment, San Francisco, Calif.: $150,000

06/26/2014, GTCR, Chicago, Ill.: $280,000

07/22/2014, Knewton Inc., San Francisco, Calif.: $225,500

07/26/2014, Ameriprise, Boston, Mass.: $225,500

07/29/2014, Corning Inc., Corning, NY: $225,500

08/28/2014, Nexenta Systems Inc., San Francisco, Calif.: $300,000

08/28/2014, Cisco, Las Vegas, Nev.: $325,000

09/04/2014, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP, San Diego, Calif.: $225,500

09/15/2014, Caridovascular Research Foundation, Washington, DC: $275,000

10/02/2014, Commercial Real Estate Women Network, Miami Beach, Fla.: $225,500

10/06/2014, Canada 2020, Ottawa, Canada: $215,500

10/07/2014, Deutsche Bank AG, New York, NY: $280,000

10/08/2014, Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), Chicago, Ill.: $265,000

10/13/2014, Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, Colorado Springs, Colo.: $225,500

10/14/2014, Salesforce.com, San Francisco, Calif.: $225,500

10/14/2014, Qualcomm Incorporated, San Diego, Calif.: $335,000

12/04/2014, Massachusetts Conference for Women, Boston, Mass.: $205,500

01/21/2015, tinePublic Inc., Winnipeg, Canada: $262,000

01/21/2015, tinePublic Inc., Saskatoon, Canada: $262,500

01/22/2015, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Whistler, Canada: $150,000

02/24/2015, Watermark Silicon Valley Conference for Women, Santa Clara, Calif.: $225,500

03/11/2015, eBay Inc., San Jose, Calif.: $315,000

03/19/2015, American Camping Association, Atlantic City, NJ: $260,000

Total: $21,667,000

Anyone paying the Clintons and other influential figures like them these type fees for an address expects plenty back in return and gets it. What’s their price for starting WW III?

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