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Brazil gets ready for a False-flag Attack during the Olympics 


Rumor has it in Brazil that there is now a group in the country whose members are ISIS followers. 

PORTO ALEGRE — The Olympic Games will begin on August 5th in Rio de Janeiro.

The event is being prepared with utmost rigor by the Brazilian authorities. They have left millions of Brazilians behind, denying them basic services such as healthcare, housing and food in order to organize the games in Rio de Janeiro.

As it happened two years ago, before and during the World Cup, the projects around the Olympics are over budget, badly constructed and as it that were not enough, some of the facilities that will be used during the games in two weeks time are still being constructed.

Surprisingly, none of the above issues is the cause for much concern here in Brazil. Neither is the fact that large areas of Rio are heavily polluted, including the waters of the bay where athletes will compete.

Instead, the issue that raises more concern right now is security. Thanks to the organization of the World Cup and the Olympics, Brazil has turned into a third world police state.

Authorities here say they are worried about safety, which is why the Brazilian government announced that it will display an unprecedented  security scheme to “ensure peace” during the Games.

Never has the Brazilian government shown so much interest in safety as it is showing now. Until very recently, there were no signs that the city of Rio de Janeiro had any concern for the safety of its people.

Just a few months ago, police had to run after drug gangs. The other way around was also true, as criminals control a good part of the city and the well-known favelas or slums. All of this seems to subside once international events take place.

People here believe that the cozy relationship between authorities and drug gangs allowed the government to reach agreements with criminal organizations during the World Cup, and now during the Olympics.

In the new climate of increased security, a Brazilian group has allegedly announced its allegiance to the Islamic State, the boogie man that has been threatening have of the world for the past few years.

It is important to remember that Brazil has never suffered a terrorist attack or has had to confront terrorist organization in its history other than the likes of extreme left wing communists still linger around the country in the form of political and social groups. However, the fear that a terror attack may take place in Rio has become a relevant issue at dining tables around the country thanks to the hype pushed by mainstream media, which have been selling the idea for months.

According to Site Intelligence Group, a US organization that supposedly fights Islamist terrorism, the Brazilian group called Ansar al Khilafah Brazil announced Monday by Telegram its decision to be allied with ISIS, the western supported terror group that grew out of, among other things, American interventionism in the Middle East and North Africa.

The message written in Arabic directly mentions the Islamic militia leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

This is the first time that an alleged extremist group pledges allegiance to the Islamic State in South America. It just happens that such allegiance has been made public at the time and place.

The announcement made just two weeks before the start of the Olympic Games serves perfectly the fear agenda being pushed by government agencies that are being controlled by foreign intelligence agencies from the United States and Israel.

“The timing is intentional, adhesion takes place shortly before the Games,” said Rita Katz, president of Site Intelligence Group.

Concerns about possible terrorist attacks during the Games in Rio has increased in recent days, especially after the recent attacks in Europe.

Last week, extremists supposedly allied with ISIS, killed 84 people by driving a lorry through crowds of people for over a mile while shooting innocent men, women and children in the city of Nice.

After that a bomber struck a train station in southern Germany. The Islamic State has claimed both attacks as theirs, but the claims are far from being confirmed.

The fear card has prompted authorities to spend millions in security before the games even begin. During the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro the Brazilian government will display the largest security scheme in the history of the country.

In total, about 85,000 troops will be deployed, double the number that existed in the London Games in 2012. In addition, 55 countries cooperate with the Brazilian authorities, who have no experience dealing with terrorists.

According to Brazilian media, there are already four people who have been refused accreditation after having been found to have ties with terrorist activities.

The four suspects are part of a list of forty people whose credentials have been rejected by the Organizing Committee of the Games after receiving warnings issued by intelligence agencies from other countries.

With no credible threat that a terrorist organization may try to attack this country, more specifically the city of Rio during the Olympics, it is not crazy to ask whether Brazil may be preparing itself to enter into the selected group of countries where a false-flag event will be used to turn the country into a de-facto police state.

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