The location in Brasilia is part of the NSA’s Computer Network Exploitation operations.

Sometimes it is necessary to ask whether surprising facts are so surprising. Brazil has been subjected to American spying to the point that current Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff’s phone was allegedly tapped into by the National Security Agency (NSA). Brazil’s dissatisfaction with such a practice did not take long to be made public.

However, it will be as surprising as the spying itself to learn that the Brazilian government actually hosts an American Spy Base right in the heart of the country in its capital city Brasilia.

According to a recent report published by, whose main focus is the refusal to allow Germany to join the Five Eyes (the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand), a group of five nations that actively spy on behalf of the US government, Brazil is part of a network of countries that allows the presence of a US base whose purpose is to expand the spying apparatus of the American government.

The NSA network of Spy Bases is spread all over the globe. The US government and more specifically, the NSA, negotiates different agreements with different countries and separates groups of countries into three tiers.

The first tier is composed by the Five Eyes, which provide ‘Complete Cooperation’ with the NSA.

The second tier is said to be on ‘Focused Cooperation’ and includes a total of 20 nations.

“The third tier group of ‘Limited cooperation’ consists of countries such as France, Israel, India and Pakistan. Finally, the fourth group is about ‘Exceptional Cooperation’ with countries that the US considers to be hostile to its interests,” reports

Many of the sites where NSA Bases are located also have second and third purposes. For example, they serve as bases of operations for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Cable Access locations, Third Party Liaisons and Regional Centers, among others. The CSC Spy Base that operates in Brasilia, is what it’s called a Computer Network Exploitation or CNE.

NSA global interception network map. (Image:
NSA global interception network map. (Image:

Locations such as the one in Brasilia is the type where the NSA set up about 50,000 implants in computer networks as part of its Computer Network Exploitation operations.

“These operations are conducted by NSA’s highly specialized and secretive Tailored Access Operations (TAO) division,” reports

“From the Snowden-leaks we know that Tailored Access Operations uses a wide variety of sophisticated hacking tools to gain access to foreign computer networks.

For example, they operate a network of secret internet servers, codenamed FOXACID, which is used to attract the traffic of targets, in order to install spying software on their computers”.

Second Party Sites include places the like CARBOY, Bude (Great Britain), SOUNDER, Ayios Nikolaos (Cyprus), – SNICK, near Seeb (Oman), SCAPEL, Nairobi (Kenya), STELLAR, Geraldton (Australia), SHOAL BAY, Darwin (Australia), IRONSAND, New Zealand. Less known sites include CORALINE – Sabena Seca (Puerto Rico), GARLICK Bad Aibling (Germany), SCAPEL – Nairobi (Kenya), and SHOAL BAY – Darwin (Australia).

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