Edward Snowden, the man who blew the whistle on the PRISM spying program has made his first public appearance. Mr. Snowden spoke to the newspaper The Guardian from Hong Kong to explain the facts behind his decision to reveal details about the United States secretive and unconstitutional spying program.

Snowden was candid about the reasons why he decided to expose the National Security Agency’s illegal practices. One of Snowden’s first statements was that he expects not to step on American soil again due to the persecution he suspects he’ll be under after publicly admitting to being the source of the information published by The Guardian and replicated by other media about how the United States government and, as it has been recently revealed, the British government massive surveillance on everything and everyone.

“I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things”, said Snowden during the portion of the interview published by The Guardian on Sunday. He went even further to say that the type of practices now being carried out by the NSA and other intelligence gathering agencies is an example of how the NSA “is using an architecture of oppression”. He emphasized that in his opinion “the people should decide if this kind of practices are to be used” and not the NSA or the central government.

Edward Snowden said that the government abuses are going to get worse, until someone decides to fight and press their representatives to work for their interests instead of those of the government or the entities that control it. He said that he is conscious about the fact that there is no escaping from the most powerful spying network in the world and that he understood that before he decided to come public. Snowden, who worked as a senior adviser for the CIA, said that after being exposed to so much information as he was, there are times when “you recognize that many of these things are actually abuses”, which is why he decided to leak information on the PRISM program and subsequently reveal his identity.

“NSA and the intelligence community in general is focused on getting information wherever it can by any means possible that it believes serves the national interests” explained Snowden. “To do that, the NSA targets the communications of everyone by default”, he added.

Perhaps one of Snowden’s most ear-catching comments is that “any analyst can target anyone anywhere”. He said that him as an analyst not only has the ability but also the authority to wiretap anyone he chooses.

See the complete interview featuring Edward Snowden below.

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