The global order that has been planned for decades in which technocrats control the destiny of whole nations suffered a reversal on Thursday, as British people decided to say goodbye to the European Union. The OUT vote reached the magic number of 16.835.512 while those who wanted to stay in the EU added up to just 15.692.093.

The decision of the British people, justified mainly due to economic concerns and the serious immigration problems that Europe faces, took the LEAVE vote over the minimum necessary to exit the European political and economic bloc.

It was a historic referendum with 51.9% of the support for the so-called Brexit and 48.1% of ballots in favor of the permanence in the EU.

The decision of the British triggers a historical fall of sterling and European stock markets, puts the European Union at an unprecedented level of challenge and leaves the UK in a unique situation.

England and Wales overwhelmingly supported the withdrawal from the EU, while London, Scotland and Northern Ireland chose to stay.

After the results were known, Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced that he will leave his post after his party’s congress in October.

The message of the economic risks of Brexit, repeated ad nauseam by the political establishment, and the mainstream media did not scare British voters, especially in the North of England.

The landmark decision had an extraordinary level of participation 71.8% or 30 million people. The vote in favor of leaving the EU significantly hurts the European consolidation project and rejects the model imposed on Britain and the rest of Europe by the political establishment that has spent years growing the pro-European movement.

Britain leaves, although not immediately, as the second largest economy of the European Union, after being part of it for 43 years. The challenges presented to the UK now that his voters have decided to leave will have to be dealt with by a new leader, who once and for all shows understanding about what the British people want.

David Cameron, in appearance from Downing Street shortly after eight o’clock, announced that it will leave his post after the party congress in October. Cameron, a strong supporter of staying in Europe and whose slogan was “Britain is stronger and safer within the EU” renounced his position so he won’t have to conduct the affairs of the British people in the process that will ultimately lead to the actual exit of Britain from the UE.

Negotiations with the EU, will have to be undertaken by another “captain”. The new prime minister, said the leader of the Conservatives, will be need to make use of Article 50 of the EU treaty providing for the exit of a country.

After learning about Cameron’s resignation, Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP independence party, had declared that Thursday was Britain’s  “independence day” and asked Westminster for Cameron’s resignation and the formation of an Executive that will work in the process to complete the Brexit process.

Another leader in the referendum, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, who supported the REMAIN movement avoided a call for Cameron’s resignation, but instead called for people to work to “stabilize the pound and secure investments”.

The first effects of Brexit have been noticed precisely in the markets. The value of sterling which had increased on Monday after the REMAIN movement seemed to pick up steam, later collapsed with the first news of the vote in favor of leaving the EU. The drop in the value of the Pound went as low as levels only seen back in 1985.

Stock market losses have spread throughout Europe following the sharp fall in the Asian markets.

The result, with 51.9% of the support for Brexit and 48.1% in favor of permanence, shows a split in the way the British people see their future, but also shows that the difference is so small that it won’t be difficult to bring the two sides together.

THe decision also puts Scotland in a particular situation. There, the majority of the people voted for the stay (63%). The leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, had warned that if people decided to leave the EU the country could call for another referendum on independence, like the one held two years ago.

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