Pre-election polls and referendum results showed Catalan people overwhelmingly wanted independence from fascist Spain – the Mariano Rajoy regime a political dictatorship, much like Fransciso Franco’s military one.

Madrid-sponsored police state violence against Catalan voters last Sunday unified popular secessionist support. The UN Charter and other international laws affirm the right of self-determination.

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont said he’d support the will of the people, indicating he’d declare independence with parliamentary support within 48 hours of Sunday’s vote.

Six days later, he’s yet to act or convene parliament. Spain’s Constitutional Court, the nation’s highest judicial body, defied international law.

It suspended the Catalan parliament’s Monday session – a majority of MPs expected to declare the autonomous region’s independence, their legal right.

Puigdemont rescheduled the session for Tuesday. If he, his government and majority parliamentarians for independence back down, they’ll be bowing to Madrid tyranny, betraying 90% of Catalans supporting independence in last Sunday’s referendum.

The final vote count showed 92.01% for independence, 7.99% against, the ayes overwhelmingly supporting secession.

Puigdemont and parliamentarians are obliged to declare it. That’s what democracy is all about.

Threats by Madrid to seize control of Catalonia’s government, send thousands of national police, civil guards and soldiers to its streets, likely clashing with independence supporters, arresting pro-secession officials, and undermining freedom should be challenged by popular resistance – officials together with millions of Catalans refusing to sacrifice their rights to Madrid.

A full-scale constitutional crisis looks set to worsen, the worst in Spain in decades.

Pro-independence Catalan MP Carles Riera said “(w)e are in talks about a text, with paper and pencil, on the declaration that we want the regional parliament to accept on Tuesday.”

“Nobody has put forward any scenario of delay, ambiguity or confusion. We are not working on that scenario.”

Catalonia’s head of foreign affairs Raul Romeva indicated a decision on independence is coming, saying “(p)arliament will discuss. Parliament will meet. It will be a debate, and this is important.”

On Saturday and Sunday, Catalans are expected to mass on Barcelona streets, overwhelmingly calling for independence, urging their government to act, supporting what they voted for.

Madrid refused talks with Catalan officials unless they abandon support for independence.

Yielding to Rajoy tyranny would constitute betrayal. Self-determination is a universal right. Declaring it is the next step.

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