Couples will be able to have 2 children. The policy established in 1976 prevented the birth of 400 million people.

Population control is a dream of the powers that be. Since they took over the control of the planet, their wish has been to swiftly depopulate the Earth because they believe there aren’t enough resources to feed everyone.

On the other hand, they have never cared to explain why their depopulation policy is so secretive and why people have been poisoned in a stealthy manner, as supposed to having been informed of the need to keep the population growing at an ‘optimum rate.’

Although some scholars think that there is indeed a population problem and that the leaders of the world -who are working in secret to kill millions of people every year- only want what is best for humanity, the truth is that their own papers show the real reason behind their desire is their disdain for the human race.

A few weeks ago we reported on China’s capitulation on its one-child policy and of its imminent decision to end such policy. China, as many other countries in the Western world, is in serious trouble when it comes to replacing its population, which is why the government is now ‘reconsidering’ their one-child policy.

According to the World Bank, the Chinese birth rate has been declining constantly since the late 1980s. In 1976, the year the Chinese government imposed its one-child policy, China’s birth rate had already been declining for a decade. After the policy came into effect, the country saw two significant increases in 1983 and 1987.

Now, China will eliminate its controversial one-child policy so couples who wish may have two children, said a statement issued after the closing of the Plenary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Over four days, the 205 Central Committee members and 170 alternate members have been meeting at a hotel in west Beijing to arrange the 13th Five-Year Plan, which will lay the foundations for economic and social policy for the years 2016 to 2020.

In 2013, China had approved a partial relaxation of that policy, which experts say has prevented about 400 million births since its adoption in 1976.

In the modification of two years ago he was allowed to have two children to those couples in which at least one member was an only child.

In mid-2015, only 1.5 million of the 11 million couples who qualified had requested the necessary permission, well below the expectations of the Chinese authorities. The country is now facing with the pole opposite of the problem that they thought they were solving back in 1976: Chinese people don’t seem interested in having more than one child.

The same problem is now being faced by the government of Japan and many western European nations.

“Having another child? No way. One is enough responsibility,” says Yao Yi, a 32 year old manager of a nursery school in northeastern Beijing and mother of a girl of eight years. Her daughter attends a public school and receives extra classes in painting, music and kung-fu, which means a considerable investment of time and money. “I could not do with another child,” says Yi.

Yao Yi and her husband, a businessman, is one of the young middle-class couples that the Chinese government hoped that last year woud request permission to have a second child after authorities relaxed their one-child policy. But the expected requests never took place and now China is struggling to play its future with a fast-aging population.

If there are not enough people to work, the country cannot produce and consumption will be considerably reduced. It seems that the rich and powerful who so strongly despise humanity have gotten a taste of their own medicine.

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