Professor Murry Salby is one of many reputable Climate Scientists to fire a silver bullet against the IPCC’s invented alarm over CO2 emissions and their relation to Global Warming.

Professor Salby, from Macquarie University in Sidney, offered his perspective on the argument held by the IPCC and most of the bought and paid for ‘scientific community’ that blames human emissions of carbon dioxide for the ‘coming doomsday’.

Thousands of other scientists, including many who work at NASA and other scientific organizations have added their lack of consensus to the discussion that is usually dominated by scaremongers and scientific evidence of dubious origins.

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As The Real Agenda News has reported in previous ocassions, the main problem with the theory of anthropogenic warming is that the numbers offered by the scare mongers simply do not reflect their conclusions in the real world. The end of 2014 and the start of 2015 has proven to be too cold to handle for climate alarmists who have slowly retreated into their caves anxiously waiting for a new tornado, dust storm or hurricane to justify their unscientific assessments.

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