United Nations Human Rights Chief says that Israel may be Guilty of War Crimes.

Gaza is a prison city surrounded by walls that do not allow its residents to evacuate to safe places.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the purpose of the invasion of Gaza is to destroy the tunnels that connect Gaza with Israel, which he says are used by Hamas terrorists to slip into Israel to launch attacks.

If this were true, one would need ask, why did Israel began bombing Gaza 10 days before the ground invasion?

Another important question to ask is why did Hamas reject a ceasefire as proposed by Israel and Egypt

A third question is, who stands to gain or lose from the slaughter of 650 innocent people in Gaza and 30 Israeli soldiers?

We can now say that the biggest loser are the Palestinian people, who have been part of Israel’s orgy of collateral damage. Women and children continue to be counted among the hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and arrests, many homes destroyed, and the total or partial demolition of their already meager public services, are some of the consequences of Israel’s continues attacks in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister knows that in a military campaign such as the one his government is carrying out almost everyone will show support, even if the military operation causes massive loses without truly destroying Hamas. Israel’s military operation will neither end the war nor end Hamas.

That’s why the extreme right Israeli is now calling for a complete occupation of the Gaza Strip while imposing even more “exemplary” punishment, as if the killing of over 600 people was not enough.

There seem to be limits, however, to Israel’s victories. The Israeli establishment is not interested in the complete destruction of the enemy, because it knows that if Hamas were to be eliminated, a dozen new factions would emerge.

Perhaps even more extreme groups of jihadists would mercilessly invade and attack Israel by land, while the organization that governs the strip perfectly fulfills a useful political purpose. Hamas was democratically elected to govern over Gaza, which has made it impossible for Israel to say that it will not negotiate with terrorists.

What Israel is doing now was first attempted back in 2008 and 2009. But the destruction of tunnels that connected Gaza with Israel was a waste of time. At that time 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed during the combat.

The bottom line in any case is what Israeli Prime Minister said in a press conference, once the invasion had started: He said that Jerusalem would never consent to have a fully sovereign Palestinian state. This statement answers the question of why did Hamas reject an Egyptian led proposal to end the conflict.

Israel, despite being an occupying force in the Middle East, and in spite of the fact that it claims to have the right to exist in the middle of the Arab world, will not extend the same courtesy to the true owners of the territory it is currently occupying.

No Place to Hide

Since the regime in Israel began bombing Gaza a total of 118,300 Palestinian civilians have been looking for a safe place to hide. Most of these people sought refuge in United Nations Shelters which do not have the capacity to hold so many Palestinians.

Consequently, thousands of refugees have opted to flee to towns that have not been reached by the Israeli infantry and tanks. Many people managed to come out of their houses in time to avoid the bombs that destroyed their neighborhoods killing dozens of neighbors. But even UN shelters, hospitals and other community infrastructure has been destroyed, partially or completely, by Israeli bombs.

The top six floors of a community building collapsed on Monday after the impact of two Israeli missiles. Five children aged 4 to 12 years and four adults died. Like them, more than 600 Palestinians have been killed in two weeks of intense Israeli bombardment.

When the Israeli army ordered the neighbors to leave a neighborhood, entire families sought shelter in one of the 69 schools authorized by the UN as a refuge.

Now these same schools have opened their doors to protect more than 100,000 displaced Palestinians. On Tuesday, Israel attacked one of these schools turned into shelters. The UN, which reported the finding of rockets at a second school, confirmed the attack, but would not say if the building had been evacuated. The day before, shot guns were fired against Al Aqsa hospital, which was full of patients. The gun shots killed five people.

There is nowhere to go. 1.8 million Gazans can not leave the Strip.

Israel, like Egypt, has closed all border crossings. Palestinians can’t even leave Gaza by sea, because Israeli patrols the waters to avoid the outward movement of Palestinians into the Mediterranean Sea. “In Gaza there is literally no safe place,” said a senior United Nations representative in Geneva.

Caught in what they consider a big prison, many Palestinians simply drift around Gaza in an attempt to avoid the bombs and missiles that rain over their homes.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has accused Hamas of self-genocide. He says Hamas is using Palestinians as shields and that Palestinians are “victims of a brutal Hamas regime.”

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