Let’s be clear: climate change exists and it is a constant, but no, humans do not contribute to the degree we are blamed for. However, blame is precisely the red flag that globalists throw every time they meet in luxury, to promote “climate action”.

In case you have not heard of it, the catch word this year is “decarbonization”, and although Europe and China are the two places where carbon is produced in larger proportion, globalists at COP26 want to tell the poorest nations in the world that they must renounce development so decarbonization can be carried out successfully.

We need to end carbon-based human activity and we need to do it fast. We will make it?,” asked a media lapdog writer on his opinion column published this week, as he prepared the stage for his handlers to call for total decarbonization of western society. Meanwhile, in the East, China and India continue to emit the largest amounts of CO2 ever recorded.

The story goes that humans are drastically responsible for climate change, global warming and all other naturally occurring tragedies, so the only solution is to stop development on a global basis to save the planet. Mind you, according to Nature Magazine, when measured by any and all statistical analyses, cutting down on CO2 emissions will not singlehandedly save us from whatever the global elites want to save us from.

What decarbonizing the planet will do is keep you poor and make you poorer as time goes by. What pro decarbonization folks intend is to tie development to globalist loans given to developing nations on the condition that they decarbonize completely their economies. It would be something like a perpetual financial aid package to poor nations that will have to do as they are told by global oligarchs and their useful idiots at NGOs and academic institutions.

In their mainstream writings, people who are all in for complete decarbonization set the stage for the rest of us: “Getting our society to work without emissions involves huge changes in practically all our activities. It requires modifying our habits and behaviors.”

Again, these changes they mention as drastic and necessary will be for you and me, not for them. Like Al Gore, the modern father of the climate extremist movement, globalists who want you living with the least amount of resources possible, will continue to live in their hotel-size mansions and riding their private jets as they virtue signal to you why they should be excepted from the rules they impose on you.

People who want you to decarbonize completely tell us that such process requires “deploying technologies without emissions in all polluting sectors, from the electric to the maritime transport, aviation and the rest of transport forms; from the metallurgist all of the cement and the plastic industry to agriculture and livestock.”

I don’t know if you know this, but globalists pushing for decarbonization have been talking about clean forms of energy since at least the 70s, yet, they have not been able to develop one single type of technology that will successfully replace fossil fuels as a source of energy since they began scaring the public half a century ago.

In this discussion is also noticeable how promoters of decarbonization present big government as the key stakeholder in that process. “This large-scale transformation will require colossal capital injections, in a volume never seen before in any economy,” explains Carlos Vila on EL PAIS. It is estimated that to achieve these objectives, more than 150 billion dollars will be invested between 2020 and 2050. That is, says Vila, around 5% of world GDP.

So the same governments that screwed up royally with lockdowns and mask mandates during COVID, are presented as the solution, according to Vila, to lift us up from this man-made crisis. In case you have not researched enough, climate has gone through long periods of cooling and warming, millions of years before humans appeared on this universe. The planet has seen swings of between 170 and 310 parts per million of CO2 before humans achieved industrialization, but globalists concentrate on the last 50 years of human activity and use data from this particular period of time to blame all of us for climate change, even though that supposed human constribution is of less than 100 parts per million. (see NASA graph below)

Temperature and CO2 density swings were several orders of magnitude larger than what we see today, yet arrogant people at the top not only believe that we humans have caused the “climate crisis”, but also that they have the power, by making you poorer, to stop forces of nature that go beyond our planet.

Globalist elites that want you to live your life as cavemen and cavewomen, do not believe in you making choices. When it comes to climate, they believe in themselves telling you what you can and cannot do. Coercion is their tool of choice.

When they talk about incentives to promote the use of “clean technologies”, those incentives include cancelling operating licenses, cutting business from supply chains, limiting movement, and locking you in place if you do not comply with their policies.

By the way, those clean forms of energy they talk about are not clean at all. Lithium batteries and windmills have a disastrous impact on the environment. Toxic residues and byproducts of lithium battery production for electric cars and setting up wind mills over large areas of land and ocean are dreadful for the planet.

Amazingly, the best solution, according to climate alarmists, to end pollution is to set up a carbon budget scheme, that will determine who can pollute and how much. “An efficient global carbon emission rights market would be the best incentive, since it would establish a price for the negative impact that CO2 represents.”

So, in reality they don’t want to end environmental pollution. What they want is to get rich of people’s purchased right to contaminate the planet. And guess what? They will be the ones who determine CO2 emissions prices that you and I will have to pay to drive a car to work or to go on vacation.

Put simply, the planet will not be saved under their direction. We will be screwed and limited in what we can do with our lives while globalist and climate alarmists get richer promoting fake science.

If you ask me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a flotilla of electric buses and taxi cabs in any given city. There is nothing wrong with using the power of river currents and dams to power a town or to use geothermal energy sources. What is indeed wrong is that developing nations in Latin America, Asia and Africa are subjected to pre Industrial Revolution standards of living because arrogant globalists want it to be like that.

These arrogant globalists and their lineages have had more than half a century to share their wisdom and help develop less privileged regions of the planet, without sacrificing access to clean water, fertile lands and pure air, but have not done so. However, now they present themselves as the Enlightened Ones that will save us from a “climate crisis”.

Another nice catch word they use to try to get everyone in board is “equality”. Prince Charles, Al Gore, Pope Francis and of course Greta Thunberg, claim there must be “climate equality”. According to them, a planetary climate lockdown, which is their ultimate goal in order to end CO2 emissions, will end up bringing about equality for all. We will be equal for sure. We will be equally poor, equally domesticated and equally dependent on governments.

We need to be more ambitious. We also need to count urgently with a more solid framework to ensure that countries fulfill their commitments,” writes Vila. This intent definitely reveals what COP26 is truly about. It is just another step forward in creating a planetary scheme of control that will be applied to developing nations. A more solid framework to ensure commitment is nothing else than a globally imposed system of coercion and punishment for countries that do not comply, to isolate them from the global economy and to ban them from freely selling and buying in international markets.

At the local level, governments will be the arbiters of what is allowed and what is not. COVID was a nicely timed dry run of what climate lockdowns will be like. Governments that determined that people could not move on roads and side walks because of a dangerously infectious virus – whose survival rate is 99.99999999% – will determine you cannot move freely because of climate change reasons.

Just as restrictions on riding your car to work, school or on vacation were imposed to “flatten the curve”, politicians will be happy to restrict your freedom of movement to decrease CO2 emissions beyond your CO2 emissions allowance, which will be assigned by bureaucrats and climate alarmists already in positions of power throughout the developing world.

Do you want to go shopping? Check your climate emissions budget first, before taking your bicycle to the mall. And by the way, remember to bring your vaccine passport with you and your face diaper properly attached to your body.

The ability that globalists have to bring this brave new world about is powered by useful idiots like Vila, who believe that “time is running out” to bring about decarbonization. “For the sake of our planet, let’s make it reality this time,” he begs.

Fortunately, as we have seen with COVID, a strong minority will not surrender to globalist decarbonization ideas either. Legacy media will hide it from you all day long, but as much as COVID has been an opportunity to train you into submission, it has also been an opportunity for globalists to understand that a small, yet strong group of people worldwide, will not comply with their insane mandates.


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