A wave of coronavirus alarmists has emerged in recent weeks.

There are already “experts” and opinion makers who suggest that the sovereignty of countries must disappear to make way for an “Earth Constitution”.

The idea of ​​making sovereignty a thing of the past, the push to erase borders and allow almost total debauchery in matters of immigration and politics is not new.

If there is one thing that we have demonstrated during the coronavirus “crisis”, is that today more than ever, borders are important, and political and territorial sovereignty has saved us from a much larger health catastrophe than we are facing.

Despite this, there are those who vociferously call for the end of laws and order, which have allowed us to keep many crises under control.

According to philosopher Luigi Ferrajoli, we must create a “Constitution of the Earth” to be able to solve the problems that afflict us. He says such a constitution is “the only realistic way to deal with problems like pandemics or climate change.”

Confinement probably affected his intellect. Ferrajoli explains his idea from the solitude of his confinement in Rome.

“Climate change, nuclear weapons, hunger, lack of medicines, the drama of migrants and, now, the coronavirus crisis show a mismatch between the reality of the world and the legal and political form with which we try to govern ourselves,” says the Italian thinker.

What this philosopher suggests is that we abandon self-government and leave the power to decide on issues as delicate as health, immigration and others in the hands of kleptocrats whose knowledge of national needs is exactly zero and who, as we have seen in recent crises, are only interested in caring about their own interests, but not those of affected populations.

Ferrajoli does not explain how such a constitution would allow us to prevent or deal with pandemics. What is predictable is that political and economic power would still be much more concentrated in the hands of technocrats and their masters than they are now.

In the same way that paying CO2 taxes does not solve the “climate crisis” because it does not stop emissions – which in any case would be catastrophic – the creation of an Earth Constitution commanded by a few globalists would not solve the great problems that humanity faces. It would simply centralize decision making.

“The pandemic – with its terrible daily death toll – makes the lack of adequate global institutions even more visible and urgent,” says Ferrajoli. It turns out, however, that it was exactly these “global authorities” like the WHO that have made things worse. The WHO has given China a free pass for its mismanagement of contagion with the Wuhan virus that later spread to the rest of the world.

The same can be said of the UN, the WTO and other supranational organizations in which the philosopher sees the solution to all world problems, but which have failed, time and again, in trying to solve those very same global problems.

A common argument parroted by members of the pro-globalism fan club is that because most problems have a global character, and due to the unlikelihood that nation-States are able to deal with so-called global problems, it is imperative for countries to yield sovereignty and power to a global oligarchy, whose members know best how to take care of all of us.

However, this globalization fan club speaks from both sides of its mouth. While its supporters say that countries cannot deal with what they call, global problems, they also say that it makes no sense to try to solve problems caused by globalization itself.

A website called Planetary Project goes further than Ferrajoli. It proposes that “we should have encompassing conditions for world design.” What that means is central planning on a global scale.

Ferrajoli provides ideas that are not alien to people who are familiar with the plan to globalize it all.

“From the terrible lesson of the coronavirus, the creation of other global guarantee institutions could be promoted. For example, a planetary public domain for the protection of common goods such as water, air, the great glaciers, and the great forests; the prohibition of conventional weapons, the dissemination of which causes hundreds of thousands of homicides and, even more so, nuclear weapons, the monopoly of military force in the hands of the UN.”

What Ferrajoli wants is nothing less than the acceptance of an unelected and unaccountable World Government, a pyramid that governs from top to bottom, an organization controlled by a handful of globalist oligarchs who, in his opinion, know better how to deal with so-called global issues than the nation-States and their citizens.

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