Like the virus, everyone who spreads lies about COVID will be extinguished by the growing herd immunity against systematic misinformation, censorship, and mind control.

Extremisms and conspiracies. Those are the epithets assigned to those who question the false pandemic created to confine us, deprive us of our freedom of movement, of expression and of taking care of ourselves.

Not only are the numbers generated by the appearance of the coronavirus false, but they have been officially corrected, over and over again, after health organizations were caught falsifying the number of deaths as a result of contracting the Chinese virus. The American CDC recently corrected its own figures from hundreds of thousands of deaths allegedly due to coronavirus, no less than 10,000. This scenario has been repeated in Europe and Latin America.

Marches against the plandemic, false data and abuses against constitutional and civil rights have appeared around the world, from Berlin to Chile, with millions of people protesting in the streets against confinement and the forced use of masks, another tool used for mind control of the ignorant masses.

As we have delved into other articles, neither confinement prevents mass contagion, nor masks protect anyone from breathing the virus.

That is why the mobilizations that correctly deny the existence of the coronavirus pandemic have gained strength, demonstrating the erosion in trust in political, journalistic and scientific institutions that have been working overtime to instill fear in populations with fake data and pseudoscientific fallacies.

The lies have been short-lived. People, mainly in developing countries, have risen up against the oppression carried out by governments, who in addition to undermining their freedoms have presided over the massive destruction of economies and the lives of their citizens.

Those who protest in the streets are branded as conspiracy theorists and extremists for the simple fact of questioning the official version, which has no scientific basis. But the attacks against those who question that official version are not limited to people who take to the streets to protest.

Doctors in all countries affected by the Chinese virus have been censored for detailing the true scope of the virus, the treatments for it, and for confronting authorities for their multiple lies about mortality rates.

As expected, the massive marches seen around the world were not covered by the international media as a way of trying to hide the public discomfort as they marched in capital cities all over the world, and the millions who followed those marches through social media networks and some traditional media that decided not to ignore the protests.

One of the most common strategies when labeling those who protest against governmental and globalist lies is to make a soup of groups with adjectives that are assigned to the non-conformists.

All the articles begin by calling them conspiracy theorists, extremists, anti-vaccines, followers of the Tea Party, believers in the flat Earth, followers of Trump, etc., as if having a position on any controversial issue automatically disqualifies someone who disagrees with government policy.

Unlike the sheep who blindly follow a politician, a political party or a globalist organization, those who protest in the streets to regain their normality are not part of a homogeneous and conformed group. Each one fights for his ideals, which is what should happen in a free society. However, this is a reason to be condemned even more by globalist publications, who send their pseudo-journalists to infiltrate protests.

These same globalists who criticize the peaceful demonstrations against the false pandemic do approve of the marches that are used to burn businesses, rob shops, and attack citizens who have dissenting views. They are fine with Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacking cities, burning establishments and destroying private property. They even call these thugs “peaceful protesters”. On the other hand, it is unacceptable for truly peaceful protesters, who do not agree with the globalist policies of their governments, to take to the streets to show their opposition.

For those who believe that the government lied and continues to lie about the pandemic, so-called scientific consensus is not enough, as science has been undermined by their own governments and the entities in charge of using it to educate the population, in schools, universities, and the media. Time and again, from climate change to vaccines, from COVID to hurricanes, science has been manipulated to impose political agendas of control over populations.

The same media that mourn the freedom of people to do their own investigations and question the official versions,  something that used to be a prerogative of governments and the corporate media, which are complicit in the lies and unsubstantiated fear campaigns, have effectively put a noose around their necks.

The groups that continue to be called ‘marginal’ by the media are no longer such a thing. They are no longer the few who group themselves in the corners of their neighborhoods or cities for protests. Now, the numbers of the silent majority are counted by the millions worldwide, while the ‘sheep’ class diminishes in size with the passing of the deceptions perpetrated by the media and governments.

If you truly believe that democracy is the way forward, you cannot pretend that people’s defense of what is valuable to them is a danger to democracy. It is those who want to limit dissent, critical thinking, and peaceful protest, who are the true enemies of democracy.

The massive campaigns of systematic disinformation carried out by the media during the last 100 years, in favor of corporate interests and against the interests of the populations, are the greatest dangers against democratic systems.

The true pandemic is not a coronavirus pandemic, but a disinformation pandemic; and like the virus, all who spread it will be extinguished by the growing herd immunity against systematic misinformation, censorship, and mind control.

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