When warned about the dangers of a totalitarian state, people believe that it is impossible. It is a conspiracy theory, they say. Their ignorance does not allow them to see beyond their noses.

The story is always the same: tyranny grows from within a nation and slowly reproduces itself while the population is distracted by campaigns of fear, propaganda and coercion instilled by the government that are gladly accepted by the population.

The closest analogy to this situation is the story of the frog in boiling water. The frog never realizes that it is being cooked alive because the heat rises so slowly that it doesn’t notice it until it’s too late.

As former US Congressman Ron Paul explained, a nation whose citizens blindly obey what their politicians mandate is destined to live in tyranny.

That is exactly what is happening with the coronavirus hoax. Despite the fact that the masks do not protect from infection, government officials in Costa Rica unilaterally, without passing any law, require that people wear masks on buses and other means of public transportation.

It doesn’t matter that science doesn’t provide any scientific proof that masks offer any protection. In fact, it is not a matter of public health, but an attempt to undermine basic constitutional and civil rights. In fact, out of a total of 17 different studies looking at the effectiveness of masks as tools of protection against respiratory infections, none of these yielded data proving such effectiveness. The opposite is true.

As explained by Dr. Paul, mandates to wear masks and other measures, such as confinement, are intended to condition people to obey without questioning the scientific validity of such measures. In the United States, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses died while being confined due to the contagion that resulted from being in close contact with people from the family nucleus. At a certain point in the “pandemic”, 66% of those infected came from confined environments, not from open and ventilated places such as parks or squares.

We are not dealing with a health emergency, but with a corruption emergency; a system that, as John F. Kennedy explained, operates under covert means and that expands its sphere of influence through infiltration, subversion, intimidation, and the construction of a machinery that perpetrates coercive abuses that are justified with falsehoods, whose errors are buried and whose dissenters are silenced.

Three examples of what I described above happened to me in one day.

Upon arriving at a supermarket, I was warned that I was required to wear a mask to enter the premises, otherwise, I would not be allowed to buy groceries.

There is no law or constitutional power that allows the government to ban people from entering a supermarket unless a mask is worn, and there certainly is no law that allows the government to compel supermarkets to enforce that condition. But apparently, government coercion is more powerful than the Constitution.

No mandate from an unelected minister, executive order, or decree can override the Constitution, but the government does exactly that because it can and because no one questions such abuses. In this case, it is not just about the forced use of a mask that does not protect from any virus. It is more serious than that.

What the government in Costa Rica is doing is denying people the ability to feed themselves, unless they comply with illegal orders; and supermarkets, bus companies, and everyone else who does it are deliberate accomplices.

While the Costa Rican government alarms the public about the so-called “health emergency” caused by covid-19, traffic police violate the rights of people to move freely, as guaranteed by the Constitution. People are illegally stopped and detained for no reason.

Today, while riding in an Uber, the driver told me about her experience with traffic police officers, who acted aggressively and arrogantly when they stopped her. During the last experience she had, the police threatened to call reinforcements because, according to him, she was being “disrespectful”. She told him that she did not understand why she was being detained or fined if she had not committed a traffic violation. The policeman, full of arrogance, acted as if her questions were a challenge to his “power.” Chances are, he just wanted a bribe in exchange for letting her go.

Later, a police officer stopped another Uber I was riding on and threatened the driver with issuing a ticket and confiscating his license plates because he was unable to produce a supermarket receipt for a product he had not purchased.

In addition to illegally stopping him, since no crime had been committed, the policeman required the driver’s license and other documents and told him that he would issue a fine for 110,000 colones -about $174,00- without any reason to justify such a fine. After the police took the documents, the driver got out of the car, offered the police a bribe, or the police asked the driver for a bribe to let him go. After a brief conversation, the police accepted a bribe of 20,000 colones or $32,00 and allowed him to continue driving.

That’s how serious the “health emergency” is. It can be solved with a bribe of $32,00.

These police officers belong to a corrupt system where government officials think they are gods while wearing a uniform and carrying a firearm. No one can even ask a simple question about their illegal practices because gods like them cannot be challenged.

As Dr. Paul says, we must pause and reflect on the lies government officials tell us. Masks are just a form of psychological manipulation, and scientists have said they are useless and potentially dangerous to health. “The average healthy person does not need to have a mask, and they should not wear masks,” says Dr. Eli Perencevich, professor of medicine and epidemiology at the University of Iowa School of Medicine.

“There is no evidence that masks offer any protection,” said Perencevich. “People use them incorrectly and they can increase the risk of infection because they touch their faces more frequently.”

Confinement is imposed to condition people to obey without question. A nation that only does what the “experts” say, without questioning anything, is doomed to become a tyranny.

There is no pandemic to fear. What there is is a virus that is just as dangerous as the common flu, bogus prediction models, recommended treatments that are killing patients – like hospital respirators, tainted and unreliable tests to detect the virus, an inflated number of deaths for promoting political and economic interests and justifying abuses by the authorities, and a hysteria scheme promoted by the media to justify the ultimate goal, which is to enslave the population with forced vaccines, implanted microchips and total surveillance in a totalitarian state.

The bottom line is this: we are free or we are not. There is no such thing as a half-free nation, and right now, Costa Rica is slipping unequivocally toward the precipice of tyranny, which is justified by politicians by declaring an emergency that does not exist. Meanwhile, the population is too ignorant to understand what is really going on and too cowardly to oppose government overreach.

Given this scenario, Costa Ricans deserve the tyranny they will get.

To obtain true data on the reality of covid-19, follow the information provided by the Swiss Policy Reseach here.

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