Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, international lawyer, says he and his colleagues have amassed enough evidence to bring the people behind the COVID “pandemic” to justice for what he says is a crime against humanity.

Dr. Fuellmich explains that several law suits have been won already and they are preparing major class action lawsuits against the WHO and governments. Reiner Fuellmich says a second Neurenberg may be needed.

He has spoken to at least 100 scientists, including medical doctors, virologists, economists, psychologists and psychiatrists who confirm that the so-called COVID vaccines and nothing else than an experiment.

“There cannot be any doubt that whatsoever that what has been happening for the last year are the biggest crimes against humanity ever committed,” says Fuellmich.

He points to not one, not two, but dozens of corporations, from Big Tech to Big Pharma and Big Media for being involved in the COVID sham, as well as the politicians that these corporations control via bribes.

Fuellmich says that what is more concerning is that so many people are participating in the commission of the crimes and that this same type of people are the ones who participated in the initiation of World War II.

Here is Dr. Fuellmich’s interview on STOPWORLDCONTROL.com

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