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Dilma Rousseff to face Impeachment Proceedings 


The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Eduardo Cunha, who is himself being investigated for corruption, announced Wednesday to a group of journalists that he decided to accept one of the 28 impeachment requests filed this year against Rousseff.

Dilma was re-elected in October 2014 and immediately immersed herself in a political and economic crisis that has overshadowed her government in 2015.

The request to dismiss Rousseff accuses her of having made irregular fiscal maneuvers to adjust the accounts of her government in 2015.

Now that Cunha accepted the request for impeachment, a long process begins that can end with the ouster of the leader of the Workers Party (PT).

At this time, a commission formed by representatives of all parties will begin to discuss the recall petition and the president will have to testify before it.

Members of the commission will report in favor or against the impeachment, which, in order to succeed, must be supported by two-thirds of the 513 parliamentarians.

The Senate will have the last word: 54 of the 81 senators must support the impeachment. In case of dismissal, Vice President Michel Temer will take office.

“I am not politically motivated,” said Cunha to a group of reporters on Wednesday when he announced his decision.

Earlier, however, the powerful leader of the House, had received a blow from the ruling party, and his former allies.

Members of the Ethics Committee, composed of 20 parliamentarians from various ideologies, had to determine whether to trigger a parliamentary process to oust Cunha.

The ultraconservative is embroiled in a scandal related to the Petrobras corruption scheme. Police found out that Cunha had opened an account in a Swiss bank with money that might have come from bribes.

His disgrace is complete because he had solemnly assured for months, before another parliamentary committee, that he had no accounts abroad.

But his power is enormous: in addition to uniting around himself a large group of evangelical MPs, like him, and parliamentary allies, he has in his hands, by virtue of his office, the power to trigger a vote to dismiss Rousseff.

Cunha maneuvered in recent days behind the scenes to make it clear that if the three members of PT Ethics Commission -whose votes were crucial- decided by vote in favor of initiating impeachment proceedings, he would launch the process.

A few hours later, Cunha said that he had accepted the petition to impeach Rousseff in hopes that Brazil “can overcome the political and economic crisis, without any value judgment.”

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