Let me explain and be as direct as I can: Cancer is not a disease. It is a symptom that alerts that something is not right in your body. Just as drowsiness and high temperatures alert you that you may be getting the flu, tumors and abnormal cell growth are warnings that you body is seriously sick.

Now let me be more specific. Cancer is a sign that there is a systemic metabolic disease in your body. That is, your body is seriously ill, but the cancer is not the disease, it is the warning.

People who are misguidedly “diagnosed” with some type of cancer are usually told by doctors, friends and relatives that they need to do two things. First, they are told they need to rush into an operating room to mutilate their bodies. Second, that this mutilation must be followed by the massive intake of pharmaceutical drugs that will not only not cure cancer -because cancer is not a disease- but that will only damage their immune system; the only true available weapon their body has to fight the systemic metabolic disease they are suffering from and that manifests as a tumor.

Another situation that is commonly experienced by people who are erroneously diagnosed with cancer -often times such a diagnosis is wrong- is to panic and run for the hills. This is usually because common wisdom dictates that having cancer means that a person is marked for death, when in reality it is an opportunity to free the body from the metabolic disease that is affecting it.

Make no mistake. Cancer is a very serious warning. It is your body telling you “You’d better do something about this and make it happen sooner rather than later”.

If there is one single important conclusion that patients get to after recovering from treating and defeating the systemic metabolic disease that affected them is, “I wish someone would have told me back then what I know now.”

But, what is that which no one told them?

First, that cancer is curable. Even in very extreme cases, such as type 3 cancer diagnoses, it is possible to treat a sick patient and obtain a positive result. Second, that, since cancer is not a disease, it cannot be treated or cured. Third, that what is causing the appearance of cancer is a systemic metabolic disease, whose origin is usually linked to a person’s diet and/or lifestyle. The environment is nowadays an important factor in preventing, treating and defeating whichever metabolic disease may attack us.

What is a person to do after getting the diagnosis?

First, people need to refuse chemotherapy and radiation as an option to treat the metabolic disease that is affecting them. Chemotherapy’s only role is to indiscriminately kill human cells. That means it will do away with mutated cells -the cells that grow into tumors- as well as the healthy cells. In doing so, chemotherapy also destroys the immune system that is the only weapon the body has to deal with the disease.

Neither localized chemo applications nor radiation are going to help a sick patient. All these two poisons do is to put off the worsening of a patient’s health condition. A large majority of patients treated with chemo and radiation eventually get sicker and die believing that they did the right thing.

As we have reported before, chemotherapy often contains cancer causing substances which results in cancer spreading to other parts of the body. By using chemo, people are not only decimating their immune system, but also injecting themselves with substances that could actually cause cancer.

Then, they need to look for a physician who has experience treating patients without poisoning them or mutilating their bodies. When a person is found to be sick with a systemic metabolic disease, they usually need to look for a healing facility where they must follow a physicians advice and a strict nutritional plan.

People with systemic metabolic diseases need to overdose with nutritious food. As I recently wrote, everyone, but especially people who were diagnosed with a systemic metabolic disease must let their food be their medicine, and their medicine be their food.

People diagnosed with a systemic metabolic disease must take is to immediately change their diet and lifestyle. That means they need to eat only natural, pesticide free, non GMO, organic foods and adopt an exercise regimen, among other measures to replenish their bodies with the vitamines, minerals and other substances that the body needs to be healthy and disease free.

Patients will have different needs, since disease will vary from person to person in the type and degree of sickness. That is why it is absolutely important to follow the guidelines of a certified physician with lots of experience treating and curing people through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

As I mentioned before, cancer is a symptom that a person is nutritionally deficient, loaded with toxic substances and usually with an immune system that is either too weak or shut down and therefore cannot fight the disease.

The causes of poor nutrition, having our bodies contaminated with toxins and a weak immune system are usually the ingestion of industrialized products that have no nutritional value as well as the continuous exposure to environmental pollution.

In an age of abundance for the western world, people eat large amounts of food, larger and larger portions, but that does not mean they are feeding themselves properly. In fact, the typical modern diet is exactly what is causing a starvation pandemic.

There is very little difference -nutritionally speaking- between people in poor countries who die because they do not have food to nourish their bodies and those in better off countries who die of systemic metabolic diseases. In both cases, they die because of lack of vitamines, minerals, micronutrients and other substances that are found in fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition is very little about fat, carbs and protein and much more about providing your body with the elements that it can break up and turn into medicine that eventually helps prevent and cure disease. Different from pharmaceutical drugs, which only hide disease symptoms, vitamines, minerals and micronutrients contained in organically grown foods, actually aid the body in keeping itself healthy.

In sum, what are the causes a systemic metabolic disease?

Poor diet, bad lifestyle choices, lack of exercise and stress. Poor diet expressed for example in the form of obesity, is a sign that the body is sick, inflamated and not being able to cope with the amount of toxins that a person is ingesting through diet.

Smoking, drinking in excessive amounts, and using pharmaceutical drugs are also ways to promote disease that will manifest itself in the form of tumors. Lack of exercise added to a poor diet, a bad lifestyle and high levels of stress will undoubtedly cause disease. Stress alone is a promoter of disease. It disables the immune system and stops it from fighting internal and external threats.

One very important question that a person who has been diagnosed with cancer should ask itself is, other than the tumor that my doctor has found, how do I really feel? Then take time to change your diet, change your lifestyle and visit your doctor again after you have done that.

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