Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President-elect Donald Trump agreed Monday to “normalize” relations between the two countries and seek “constructive cooperation,” as well as collaborate on issues of common concern, especially in the region. Fight against the “common enemy” that is international terrorism and extremism, the Kremlin reported.

Putin and Trump will speak on a “face-to-face meeting in the future” that the teams of both will begin to prepare immediately, according to the official Russian communication. In the meantime, both will continue to have “telephone contact”.

According to the Kremlin, Putin and Trump have a lot to talk about. The Russian president, who congratulated the Republican on his victory last Tuesday, assured Trump that he is willing to develop a “dialogue as partners” with the new US government that is based on the principles of “equality, mutual respect and non-interference In their respective internal affairs. ”

The Kremlin’s statement of intentions comes after Moscow’s tense relations with Barack Obama’s Washington, which has strongly criticized Putin’s government for both domestic policy and international actions, from Ukraine to Syria.

In their telephone chat, Putin and Trump “not only agreed on the totally unsatisfactory state of bilateral relations,” but also expressed their “support for active joint efforts to normalize relations and seek constructive cooperation on the broadest spectrum possible,” the Kremlin said.

The Russians also emphasized the fact that both “spoke about the importance of establishing a reliable basis for bilateral relations through the development of the trade and economic components.”

On his latest European tour in July, Obama secured his intention to maintain sanctions against Russia until the Ukrainian crisis is resolved.

Trump’s much more sobering statement simply confirms that they spoke about “the threats and challenges facing the US and Russia,” as well as “strategic economic issues” and the “historic” relationship between Moscow and Washington. Likewise, the president-elect assured Putin that he “is eager to maintain a strong and lasting relationship with Russia.”

One of Trump’s biggest criticisms during the campaign was his proximity to Russia. Although the New York magnate repeatedly said he did not know Putin, his constant praise of the Russian president made the Republican Party nervous.

A month ago, the US intelligence leadership directly accused the Kremlin of “interfering” in past elections with the theft of e-mails to top Democratic Party members of defeated Hillary Clinton.

No one in the intelligence community has come forward with proof regarding Russia’s alleged interference. In fact, the foreign diplomats have stated that the leaks have come directly from Washington insiders and not from Russia.

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