Gun-free zones don’t reduce crime, but they do encourage criminals to kill mercilessly.

The bomb attacks carried out in Paris last Friday have made two points more evident than ever before. First, a disarmed population is a vulnerable population; and second, an Orwellian State with round the clock surveillance cannot protect us from crime.

The only way in which an Orwellian State has a slight chance of preventing some crimes is by having everyone on a global watchlist, where people’s moves are monitored by artificial intelligence 24/7. This technology already exists and many analysts have been pointing out that governments should have broader powers to prevent bombings such as the ones that took place in Paris last week.

Such outcome is, of course, undesirable and only the greater ignorant majority would consent to having a tracking device on them to “feel safer”. However, a strong minority, about 30% of the people, would refuse such an invasive system.

The point made by those who refuse is that their safety is their business and that as recent history has shown, the government cannot keep everyone safe. Depending on where in the world you live, police can’t even combat local crime, so it would be too much to ask to prevent bombings such as the ones in Paris.

The only reasonable solution to the threat that crime poses is to have a well-informed, well-trained and well-armed population that is capable of defending itself. These armed citizens must also be prepared to defend those people who choose not to arm themselves as that would automatically guarantee their own safety.

The reality of taking responsibility for their own security is the reason why Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has managed to separate himself from the rest of the Republicans. Trump has spoken against illegal immigration, against disadvantageous free trade agreements and in favor of law abiding citizens carrying firearms for their own safety. Trump himself owns guns and occasionally carries one, or so he says.

While most elitists are against an armed population and lobby for anti-gun legislation, they themselves own firearms or have fully armed bodyguards.

Hours after at least 129 people were killed in Paris in a massive terrorist attack, Donald Trump referred to the slaughter to defend the right to bear arms. He did this at a rally on Saturday afternoon in Beaumont, Texas, which started with a minute of silence for the victims.

“What is happening is terrible,” Trump said. Then he said: “Look Paris, the tougher laws against guns in the world. Nobody had weapons except the wicked. No one. Nobody had any weapons. And they shot innocent people one by one.

“In the end, they came in, there was a shooting and police killed the terrorists. You can say whatever you want, but if they had weapons if people could carry weapons, the situation would have been very, very different.” Then, Trump said that the same was true in the US with the most restrictive gun laws and he gave the example of Chicago.

In the United States they are killed more than 10,000 people a year by firearms. That is, the same number of victims of the attacks in Paris if that number repeated itself every five days. The reason is almost always the same, people are disarmed. Many gun fatalities occur because of fights between gangs and members of drug cartels and recently, police have been killing innocent people more often that ever before. A small minority of the deaths caused by firearms are committed by law abiding citizens.

It is not the first time that Trump, a resident of New York -one of the cities with the toughest laws on gun ownership in the United States- links terrorist attacks to the right to bear arms, that much of the Republican electorate considers untouchable.

On January 7, after the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine in central Paris, Trump tweeted: “Is it not interesting that the Paris tragedy has happened in a country with tougher gun control? “.

The French ambassador to Washington, Gérard Araud, responded to Trump: “This message is a disgusting lack of human decency. Vulture”. Six months later, in June, Trump officially submitted his candidacy for the nomination in the Republican Party. He has been leading in the polls ever since.

During his speech on Saturday, Trump also took the opportunity to link the crisis of the Syrian refugees with the terrorist attack. “They just said that one was Syrian,” Trump said. “Our president wants to welcome 250,000 Syrians. Think about it: 250,000,” he emphasized. It has been confirmed that one of the alleged terrorists came from Syria and entered Europe through Greece. How many more of those are the authorities unaware of?

“We all have hearts, we all want to take care of people. But the problems facing our country, accepting 250,000, some of which have serious problems, it is crazy,” Trump insisted.

As of right now it is impossible to know if American will be great again under a Trump presidency. He is certainly not a perfect candidate, but one thing is certain. Under Trump, should he keep his word to protect the second amendment, people in America will be allowed to watch out for their own safety.

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