Once upon a time, a Man descended from a set of stairs with a very important message for his fellow citizens.

What he didn’t know was that his message would be almost completely ignored and that the few that were listening were going to laugh out loud on his face.

What those who ignored and laughed at him didn’t understand was that he was serious about his message, that he was going to end what he had started and that he would prove them all wrong.

Little by little, The Man, who was laughed at and ignored by almost everyone, began to turn heads, raise eyebrows and get lots of attention.

He had all the means in his hands to crush everyone in his path, yet he decided to get his message across like everyone else had done before.

He devised a campaign to let people of all ages, ethnicities, social and economic classes know that they had been lied to for too long, that their country was like an immense ocean plagued with sharks and gigantic Jurassic reptiles who had dominated the waters forever.

In doing so, they had squeezed the life out of their country and were now in the process of handing it away to foreign interests.

The reality of a decaying country was not new. It had been exposed for years by people with the same concern. Those people had been ignored in the same way The Man was when he made his announcement. They had been laughed at and they had been attacked in the same way he knew he would be attacked.

The man, a prolific businessman, though not perfect by any means, had learned a lot throughout his life as he had been part of the favoured classes he was about to face off. 

One of the lessons he had learned in his life was that, before you are able to earn the support of anyone, on any single issue, you first needed to help potential supporters understand why your ideas and plans are relevant to them. In other words, you needed to make them understand WHY.

Before this man could be successful in his campaign he had to deal with a dilemma: he was going to have to continue being himself -straightforward, uncensored, aggressive- or he was going to change his ways to avoid upsetting some feelings; especially those of people who couldn’t handle reality, who were used to being talked down, softly, calmly…

He chose to be himself and to speak straightforwardly.

His campaign began and he singlehandedly took on his rivals, both on the media, within his political party and in other political groups. One by one, his rivals began to fall as his support began to skyrocket. 

His rise was almost impossible to explain, at least in the mind of rivals and detractors. His words were too hurtful and his discourse too blunt and, in many cases, offensive, they said. 

But it was exactly his words, his straightforwardness and bluntness what was refreshing to millions of fellow citizens who immediately connected with his message, his plans and his personality. To the amazement of his critics, a lot of his support came from people who, given his discourse, should have felt offended, outraged and repulsed by his words.

Only the mentally damaged, who had been indoctrinated into following an ideology, a political group, a personality, or worse, to blindly believe their elected representatives, were unable to see through his message.

Many of those who ultimately supported him during the campaign, disliked his manners, his use of certain words or his outspoken style. Many of his late supporters found it refreshing that he was so clear in his message because they thought exactly the same as he did.

For many of his new supporters, the difference between him and others was that they had found someone who thought just like they did, who spoke just like they did, and who apparently, wanted the same thing they wanted: to put America First.

The Man defeated all his rivals, first in the media, though he never engaged in a fight with any of them personally. That, he would leave for later. 

The Man’s message was so strong and so clear as to what his goal was –Make America Great Again– that he also defeated his rivals in his party, even though they outspent him at all levels.

While his defeated rivals and the media attacked him for his alleged racism, xenophobia and discriminatory discourse, his numbers didn’t stop rising. In fact, they rose faster when attacked, when called racist or xenophobe. 

The media and his rivals couldn’t comprehend that their country had a taste for a man who was totally the opposite of what previous men and women in his place had professed and done. Were all of his followers racists and xenophobes as well?

This distortion of reality was what the media used as their next weapon against a rising figure who they began to hate because the more they attacked him, the more successful he became. 

They brought known “experts on their shows to try to salvage their image and that of those candidates they supported, but that didn’t work either.

While The Man continued to gain support and to defeat more rivals, the media sought to affiliate themselves, now more than ever, with an agenda that had been somehow hidden behind their headlines, their fancy studios and their calm voices. 

The media and The Man’s detractors began revealing themselves as purveyors of lies, disinformation and fake news. They had made a decision. They couldn’t let The Man continue on, much less reach the top, because he would continue to unmask their agenda. They were going to throw the kitchen sink at him if they had to. And they did, unsuccessfully as history has shown.

All of a sudden, The Man was taking on his party, his rival party, the media, the Establishment, the so much feared Deep State. 

He then explained to his supporters that he was in for real and that in addition to putting America First, in addition to wanting to Make America Great Again, he was going to drain the swamp from where most corruption seemed to originate.

His message was a plan as much as it was a warning to swamp dwellers. He was coming after them.

Again, most cynics laughed at him. Why would a wealthy man want to clean up or destroy a system that had served him so well? Demagogue, many yelled. 

None of their attacks had even made a bump on The Man, but when it was clear that he was about to shock the system with the most improbable victory in history, his detractors started a new attack on him and his policies. But this time it wasn’t a public attack. 

They began using the system, and all of its tools against him. They used the very system he was threatening to end in an attempt to set him up. 

They came at him with fire and fury. Stories of collusion and sexual scandals came and went as attacks on him began to pour over because of his choices for his cabinet. They were all bankers, powerful businessmen, members of the well-connected network of sharks and Jurassic reptiles he had so badly battered during the campaign. 

How could he drain the swamp and fight a system whose roots were so deeply ingrained in every single aspect of life by hiring people from the system itself? Had The Man swindled his supporters? 

The answer was a resounding NO. The Man was just too smart to be understood. That’s why he had singlehandedly defeated everyone. 

If he wanted to defeat the Deep State, drain the swamp and Make America Great Again, all at once, as he said he would, he needed to have a domestic message that resonated with millions without raising alarms inside the system. 

He needed to bring hope back to life again, but not with a catchy slogan as another candidate had done before. He also had to do it without disturbing the sharks in the swamp. To the sharks, he needed to appear to be just another wealthy, power-thirsty man who would talk the talk but wouldn’t walk the walk.

The Man had decided to defeat the system, by doing what no one else who attempted to challenge the status quo had done: Let the system expose itself, defeat itself, fall on its own sword. That is what he had done all along, but no one had noticed. 

That is why he hired swamp dwellers, to expose them and to have them leave his campaign first, and then his administration. He was repeating his strategy from the campaign. He was defeating them all, one by one, by exposing them for who they were.

The Man’s success, from the beginning, was not his confrontational approach or his seemingly outrageous statements. His style was the bait to get everyone’s attention, so he could shine the light on the corrupt. He became some sort of shield where all the bullets collided.

With every attack he received, he grew stronger, and his rivals got weaker. With every new piece of fake news that the media got on him, with every attack he was pounded with by former friends and foes, he unmasked a structure that had been mostly hidden for over 100 years and that in just two years had gone mainstream. 

He did not succeed by fighting fire with fire. He fought a blaze with a match on his hand and a water bucket on the other. He strategically fuelled the fire when necessary as he poured water along the way.

He had been ignored, laughed at and mercilessly attacked, but after a grotesque campaign where everyone seemed to be against him, his day of victory came. 

When everyone thought his first speech as the leader of the United States would be a toned down message of union and tolerance, he did, again, what no one expected. 

During his speech in Washington, he was as clear as the water in his bucket to the global elites who perhaps had taken him as a fool for continuously challenging their power: America would no longer be supportive of globalism, unfair trade, fake pro-environment agendas, unwarranted, unnecessary wars. 

Under his two-year-old administration, The Man has shown that he is for real. He has not only managed to expose the crooks, the thieves, the corrupt, the pedophiles, the media, especially the complicit media. 

With his strong posture, he has, with different degrees of involvement, directly and indirectly, influenced leaders to meet again in the Korean Peninsula, one of the most explosive regions of the planet. He took the United States out of the TPP and the insane Paris Climate Accord. Now, he is closer to meeting with Kim Jong Un, something no one in the Western world has even considered doing as a way to keep the peace in the region.

Has it been a walk in the park? No. No one said it would. It will take at least two administrations to make significant progress on what he promised.

It hasn’t been clean or neat, you say. 

Have you tried cleaning up a sewage system with a toothbrush?

Has his work been impeccable? No. 

You can’t allow a Terrorist State such as Israel to have free hunting days on Palestinians every day.

You can’t let your military continue to aid terrorists all over the world.

You can’t allow politicians and public officials roam free after lying under oath in Congress. 

You can’t let Hillary Clinton off the hook.

You can’t allow NATO to attempt to spark a war with Russia every time it has a chance.

Is the arrival of John Bolton a piece of bad news? Absolutely, but so was the arrival of other neocons who came and went. Hopefully, he´ll be out sooner rather than later.

There is a lot of work to do. No one, not even the most optimistic person who supported this Man could ever imagine that he would achieve everything he promised in one or two administrations.

Will he drain the swamp and Make America Great Again? We will see about that. 

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