In an exclusive interview for Fox News Sunday, US President, Donald Trump was patient enough to hear and answer Wallace’s mischaracterizations of the President, instead of using valuable time to ask real, in-depth questions about the state of the economy, immigration, the next two years in office, or any other relevant topic.

Mr. Trump once again had to clarify, in multiple occassions, who the fake news media are and why they are a threat to truth and the public who tunes in to their baised, borderline treasonous reporting.

Wallace made it clear that him and Fox News are allied to CNN when it comes to exercising their choice to lie to the American public and the world by explaining to the US President that Fox News, CNN and the rest of the corporate media are all one thing.

The TV host asked Trump straight up if he would ammend the US Constitution to become a dictator, should he not get reelected in 2020, no which Trump responded, “No”.

Wallace’s interview with Mr. Trump was another wasted opportunity to ask the US President about real issues. Instead, Wallace focused on unimportant political gossip, while insinuating things and making rumors relevant.

His job during the interview is an example of why people distrust to vehemently the corporate news media. They’d rather waste 20 or 30 minutes with the US President talking about rumors and personality issues, rather than questioning him about real issues on domestic and foreign policy.

During a candid conversation after the formal interview, Mr. Trump said that just as he put America first, he understood that other leaders would put their countries first as well.

The full interview with President Trump can be seen below.

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