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Ecuador bows to New World Order Control Grid 

One of the most effective forms of government control is to manage basic resources such as water and electricity supplies.

In the developed world, smart meters for water and electricity are already in place allowing government-controlled as well as private entities to regulate how much of those basic necessities people can use.

October 1, 2011

QUITO, Ecuador, Sept. 30 (UPI) — Ecuador is on track to launch the largest Smart Grid project in Latin America in a multimillion-dollar collaboration with GE Energy that sets a benchmark for electricity management in the region.

Ecuador’s Electrica de Guayaquil said it decided to invest in a brand new smart meter infrastructure to streamline reliable supply amid projected economic growth through 2012.

Households across the Latin American country should expect to see “improvements in the reliability of their electric service,” GE said.

About 25,000 meters will be installed in the country by Electrica de Guayaquil, the second phase of a complete overhaul of the country’s meters, which will eventually replace nearly 200,000 meters.

Ecuador has faced charges it squandered its oil wealth during years of mismanagement. It suspended its membership of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries when it couldn’t pay its subscription fees but returned to the group in 2007, mainly to better manage its share of the global oil market.

The investment in the electricity supply infrastructure is part of an overall streamlining of the energy sector, officials said.

“Improving Ecuador’s energy outlook is a very important factor in improving Ecuador’s economic outlook,” Electrica de Guayaquil General Manager Oscar Armijos Gonzalez-Rubio said.

“The information, network management and efficiency gains from this new meter infrastructure will help us get the most benefit from our electric grid,” he added.

GE said that as part of an overall grid modernization strategy, its meter network will enable remote connect and disconnect of customers, the collection of usage information for efficiency planning and future enhancements such as demand response control and pre-payment.

GE will deliver smart meters with advanced metering infrastructure and RF communications. Trilliant will provide the communications platform.

“EDG is becoming a Latin American leader in adopting new technologies to improve energy service,” said Roberto Vengoechea, general manager, Digital Energy Latin America.

“These smart meters give EDG the data points and capabilities to change consumers’ relationships with electricity. The enhanced network control and efficiency tools enabled by smart meters open doors to the very latest energy innovations that can increase productivity and efficiency while reducing and minimizing outages,” he said.

GE has been expanding its Latin America network, which is about 90 years old. Recently the energy giant announced a $500 million GE Global Research Center project in Rio de Janeiro.

GE operates in more than 100 countries and employs about 300,000 people worldwide.

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Response to Ecuador bows to New World Order Control Grid

  1. Madeleine Tector

    Equador is probably glad it has electrticity in the first place, if they think its so grand then let them enjoy it, I just hope they dont’ try to shove it down our throats. I’m sick of these rag tag countrties being held up as innovative people because they let the Government run their lives and their utilities, maybe they are getting them for nothing , I have no idea, I only know if I want to keep my lights on all night thats my business since I pay my bills, its not up to the Government to shut off my electricity if they think I am using too much, I can see the lawsuits now as people with sick children or on diabetic drugs that need to be refiridgerated or losing a weeks worth of food because the Government thinks you have used to much electricity. Where do these people think we live? Cameroon ? This is America and they will not turn off our lights because they feel like it. Is this what the Marxist communists do to help their fellow man? I’ll bet they don’t have a smart meter, that is the way communism works, , its all for you, not them, they are above that, Al Gore would noty turn off his electric for anyone, we have to though? I dont’ think so. I don’t know about anyone else but I think I’ve had about all I can take of Globalization and communism, once again the inmates are trying to run the asylum,its not going to work.

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