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Elitism and Far-Right Advance to Runoff in France 

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Former Rothschild & Cie Banque investment banker; Hollande economy, industry and digital affairs minister Emmanuel Macron is strongly favored to become France’s next president.

A self-styled centrist, an elitist establishment favorite, he ran as an En Marche! (forward) candidate, the party he formed in April 2016 – favoring continuity, not responsible change.

His pledge to address high unemployment and social injustice, improve relations between French youths and police, stress education, promote gender equality socially and politically, among other domestic issues he discussed are promises made to be ignored if elected.

Internationally, he said “Europe is at the heart of our project. Our responsibility…is to be able to rebuild the European dream” – unattainable for ordinary people under Brussels control, French sovereignty abandoned.

An Opinionway poll published last week showed him defeating Le Pen with a 63% majority – strengthened by his Sunday victory.

Preliminary results had him winning 23.75% of the vote to Le Pen’s 21.5%, a disappointing result for her despite moving on to May 7’s runoff.

A previous article discussed her far-right platform, including France leaving the EU and NATO – opposed by Macron.

As a Hollande Socialist Party minister, he supported its neoliberal and belligerent agenda, policies similar to how America, Britain, Germany and most other European countries are governed.

His anti-establishment-sounding pledge “to serve the public interest” resembled Trump’s rhetoric and other US politicians – a platform to get elected, then abandoned if successful.

Earlier he said France needs a more “balanced” policy toward Syria, included talks with Assad. In April, he proposed military intervention to oust him.

He’s pro-business, pro-banking monied interests, pro-Israel, anti-BDS, and hostile to Palestinian interests.

In June 2015, he and his then-German counterpart Sigmar Gabriel (currently Foreign Affairs Minister and Vice Chancellor) published a platform, advocating continued European integration.

For the first time since Charles de Gaulle established France’s Fifth Republic in 1958, no major center-right or center-left candidates qualified for runoff voting.

It hardly matters. Macron’s likely May 7 triumph will assure French political continuity – dirty business as usual again winning, ordinary people losing, along with a lost chance for France to regain its sovereignty.

Media Scoundrels Support Macron over Le Pen

They always support dirty business as usual over anything disrupting continuity.

NYT editors were especially appalling. Headlining “Emmanuel Macron Mounts a Patriot’s Challenge to Marine Le Pen,” they shamefully said:

“Defenders of liberal democracy in France and elsewhere sighed with relief after Sunday’s first-round vote in France’s presidential election.”

“Polls have predicted that Mr. Macron will beat Ms. Le Pen handily, though…France remains deeply divided and its politics unsteady.”

Fact: So-called “liberal democracy in France and elsewhere” in the West is pure fantasy. None exists, especially in America, a one-party state with two right wings.

Fact: France, Britain, Germany and other other European countries have more parties. Their major ones are like US Republicans and Democrats, largely in lockstep on issues mattering most.

Fact: Macron is an elitist, a Rothschild banker, an establishment favorite, assuring deplorable continuity if elected, not responsible change.

Despite her hard-right views, Le Pen responsibly favors leaving NATO, restoring French sovereignty, and improving relations with Russia.

The Times: “Certainly, if Mr. Macron prevails on May 7, that will be good news for Europe…”

Fact: It would be bad news for French sovereign independence, currently lost to Brussels.

The Times: “(V)oters spurned the mainstream center-left Socialist Party and center-right Les Republicains party that have dominated the landscape for decades.”

Fact: True enough – but Macron represents their interests under his En Marche! (forward) banner – a new party, same old dirty policies.

The Times: French “voters showed that they remained receptive to Mr. Macron’s hopeful message…”

Fact: 76% of French voters rejected him, hardly a ringing endorsement.

The Times quoted him saying he wants to be the “president of patriots, to face the threat of nationalists” – “holding himself out as France’s true agent of change after decades of government failure,” The Times blustered.

Fact: He represents continuity, dirty business as usual, sure to be despised, if elected, once his deplorable agenda unfolds.

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post supports Macron like The Times, saying he wants “to strip away even more barriers with the rest of the world” compared with Le Pen, wanting France “seal(ed) tight against the tides of globalization.”

The Wall Street Journal said France will now “decide between two very different visions of French nationalism” – dirty business as usual vs. restoration of French sovereignty, it failed to explain.

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About the author: Stephen J. Lendman

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