On Wednesday, Turkey’s fading democratic remnants died. Erdogan officially usurped dictatorial power.

He suspended constitutional law and parliamentary governance – 90-day emergency authority replacing it, likely to be extended indefinitely so he can ruthlessly eliminate all elements potentially challenging his absolute rule.

Interviewed by Qatar’s owned and operated Al Jazeera, he lied claiming circumventing constitutional governance “remain(s) inside a democratic parliamentary system,” adding:

“(W)hatever is necessary for the nation’s peace and stability will be done,” suggesting reign of terror ruthlessness will continue.

“I don’t think we have come to the end of it yet,” he said. “(T)he declaration of the state of emergency has the sole purpose of taking the necessary measures in the face of the terrorist threat that our country is facing.”

Despots seeking absolute rule use any convenient excuses to justify their actions – no matter how lawless, ruthless and outrageous.

Erdogan saying he’s acting “within the law” is a bald-faced lie. So far around 60,000 alleged coup plotters, supporters and regime critics were arrested or otherwise dealt with harshly.

Long knives continue purging more regime critics and adversaries, leaving Turkey destabilized and chaotic.

On Wednesday, Obama and Erdogan spoke by phone, the US president withholding criticism, expressing support for ruthless despotic rule, calling it “Turkey’s democracy,” pledging “appropriate assistance.”

Last weekend, John Kerry “emphasized the United States’ absolute support for Turkey’s democratically elected, civilian government and democratic institutions.”

Wednesday on national television, Erdogan called the state of emergency the most effective way “to eliminate the threat to democracy in our country” – failing to explain he officially abolished it.

In response to French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault’s criticism, he told him “to mind his own business.”

He’s gambling with the fate of his nation, US/NATO/EU relations and possible negative regional fallout. Clearly he showed he can’t be trusted.

What’s ongoing in Turkey has consequences internally and abroad – better understood ahead as things play out.

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