Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkey’s President, funds ISIS. Erdogan must Resign Immediately.

Rogue state Turkey is headed by international outlaw Erdogan is a close US ally – both nations partnering in endless regional wars, their provocative actions risking a direct confrontation with Russia.

In Paris at the climate conference, Putin minced no words, saying “(w)e have recently received additional reports that confirm that (stolen) oil from ISIL-controlled territories is delivered to the territory of Turkey on an industrial scale.”

“We have all grounds to suspect that the decision to down our plane was motivated by the intention to secure these routes of delivering oil to ports where it is loaded on tankers. Defending Turkmen is just a pretext” – terrorists allied with Ankara.

Washington knows what’s ongoing, doing nothing to stop it, permitting its ISIS foot soldiers to have a key revenue source. Sergey Lavrov acknowledged it, saying:

“Let us operate with facts. There have been many reports that god knows who is living off the oil wells illegally seized by the Islamic State.”

“When our aviation started flying in the Syrian airspace at the request of (Syrian president) Bashar al-Assad, we saw the whole picture of that illegal business from above.”

“Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about that on several occasions, including yesterday’s news conference and the G20 summit in Antalya where he had shown space and aerial images – very eloquent and very convincing – to his colleagues.”

“The US-led coalition started flying over Iraq and Syria, (lawlessly) without the Syrian government’s consent by the way, more than a year before the (legal) Russian military operation.”

“I am convinced that they saw all that but did not do anything for some unknown reason.” Putin, Lavrov and other Russian officials know why. They diplomatically stop short of explaining, including about Washington’s involvement.

“Russian warplanes started bombing that criminal industry when they began operati(ng) in that area,” Lavrov added.

“(I)f the United States is so much concerned (about) who is benefitting from” stolen oil sales, why is it doing nothing to stop them.

Erdogan was caught red-handed, including by former Turkish officials. Courageous Ankara-based journalists exposed his weapons smuggling to ISIS terrorists.

Turkey’s leader lied, saying “(w)e are not that dishonest as to buy oil from terrorists. If it is proven that we have, in fact, done so, I will leave office. If there is any evidence, let them present it, we’ll consider (it).”

His bluster long ago rang hollow, his lawlessness exposed for the whole world to see – mostly for allying with Washington’s regional wars of aggression.

He failed to comply with Russia’s request to act against terrorists “emerging on Turkish territory,” infiltrating into parts of Russia, including the northern Caucasus, Putin explained.

“(W)e have traced some located on the territory of the Turkish Republic and living in regions guarded by special security services and police that have used the visa-free regime to return to our territory, where we continue to fight them.”

Putin urges world unity against the scourge of terrorism – impossible “while (some nations, notably America, Turkey and rogue allies) use several terrorist organizations to reach their immediate goals.”

Relations between these countries and Russia is adversarial. Downing its aircraft is the latest example, Putin calling Erdogan’s recklessness “a huge mistake.”

No one challenges Moscow without an appropriate response, already initiated against Turkey. It’s begun to pay dearly for its criminal act – supported by Washington, Britain and NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg.

Moscow knows its adversaries well, mainly America’s imperial agenda, targeting Russia for regime change, Putin acting responsibly to prevent it.

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