Thousands of people protest in Europe against confinement and compulsory vaccination

The image has been repeated week after week, but you wouldn’t know it if you only depended on traditional media outlets, especially those belonging to the Trusted News Initiative, to understand what is happening in Europe.

The mainstream media have failed to hide the wave of dissatisfaction that has turned into a tsunami across Europe. Demonstrations have been growing in number and number of participants in Austria, Denmark, Croatia, Italy and the Netherlands due to the measures of their governments in the face of their never ending thirst for complete and absolute power.

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets this Saturday in Vienna, Zagreb Copenhagen, and Rotterdam to protest against the measures imposed by their governments while using covid 19 as an excuse amass power over the populations.

In the Austrian capital thousands demonstrated against lockdowns decreed by the Government as of Monday and the announcement that a law is being prepared that will make vaccination against covid-19 mandatory next February.

Thousands more Danes protested against the reinstatement of the covid certificate to go to entertainment venues.

The World Health Organization has again expressed this Saturday its great concern about the increase in cases of covid-19 in Europe.

The regional director of the organization, Hans Kluge, warned on the BBC that it is possible that half a million people will die between now and March 2022 if there are no urgent measures, such as the mandatory nature of masks, something that has proven to be intractable to alleviate any infection and that is why it has already been eliminated in many neighboring countries.

But some measures are stirring up the population. In Austria, several demonstrations have covered sections of the historic center of the capital, which have also held rallies at different points, a way of marking their presence and, at the same time, blocking the heart of the city.

A large police deployment monitored the protests to react to possible incidents and the public address system constantly warned that it was mandatory to wear the FPP2 mask, which many attendees did not put on.

The authorities estimate that between 35,000 and 40,000 people have participated in the protest, peppered with slogans such as “resistance” and “corona fake”, among others.

The protesters marched through the streets carrying Austrian Flagg and messages against vaccination.

“I have refused to follow the rules of the Government. It doesn’t treat us like adults, and the pressure has forced me to quit my job,” said one protester. He also rejected having to present negative COVID evidence to work in contact with the public. “This smells of Nazism,” he argued.

The main call was given because Austria is turning into a dictatorship. This has been replicated this Saturday by several speakers who have addressed the protesters with shouts of “we are the people” and “resistance to the dictatorship.”

Many of the protesters oppose mandatory vaccination. “It goes against reason, they only do it to sell vaccines, not on a scientific basis,” said another protester.

The banners showed that the decision announced on Friday by Christian Democrat Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, who governs in coalition with the Greens, has also stirred the protest. “Obligation to think instead of obligation to vaccinate”; “For freedom, I decide on my body,” said some banners.

The protest included several thousand people shortly after noon, who reacted with a loud whistle every time the police loudspeaker warned that they must wear a mask – the organizers offered them.

The demonstration attracted a variety of people who distrust the excessive power of the State. “I am not from any party, but I am here for my freedom and that of our children,” said a mother who gathered around the protesters. She says that she does not trust the vaccine because “it is an experiment.”

Others have come just to show their rejection of mandatory vaccination. “I am vaccinated, but this cannot be decided for us. You have to vote for it,” she demanded.

Austria began a lockdown for unvaccinated people last Monday to try to stop a wave that has triggered infections above 15,000 a day and with dozens of deaths. Given the unstoppable increase, the confinement will be extended on Monday for 20 days to the entire population. The vaccination rate, close to 66%, is one of the lowest in Western Europe.

The Austrian government still does not recognize the fact that vaccinated people are just as likely, perhaps even more likely than unvaccinated people, to infect others, as multiple studies have already shown.

Around 15,000 people, according to local media estimates, demonstrated on Saturday in the center of Zagreb against government measures to reduce coronavirus infections. “Freedom”, “Vaccinate your mothers, leave our children alone”, “Stop the covid certificates”, “You are not going to vaccinate our children” and “Free Croatia” were some of the slogans on the banners, among which also featured many images of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, as well as Croatian flags.

The crowd also accused Conservative Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic of being a “traitor” and sang patriotic songs during the protest. The main demand of the protesters is that the Government annul the obligation, in force since Tuesday, to show the covid certificate upon entering all public institutions, such as post office, municipal offices, police stations or health centers.

On the other hand, the authorities of Guadeloupe, one of the two main islands of the French Antilles, announced on Friday the establishment of a night curfew, after violent protests against the health pass.

The island’s prefect, Alexandre Rochatte, announced an immediate curfew until November 23 “due to social unrest in the department and acts of vandalism,” according to his office.

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