The total fertility rate graphs of former Eastern Bloc nations reveal that the population control program was centrally coordinated and that all communist countries followed the lead of the Soviet Union, or more precisely of the Politburo.

Most communist countries began undermining fertility around 1950 and pursued an aggressive population control program until 1967 when Russia reached replacement level fertility.

The program was then placed on hold and fertility remained at the level reached by every country, thus relatively flat (with the exception of Romania, where President Nicolae Ceuşescu broke rank with the Politburo), until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, when western methods of depopulation were forced upon all formerly communist countries and fertility dropped quickly below replacement level.

Since 1991, the program of population control has been coordinated by NATO, and all former eastern bloc nations, including Russia, have complied with covert depopulation measures agreed upon by  NATO’s members in the Partnership for Peace (PfP) program.

As such, all former Eastern Bloc nations have a common fertility signature that is distinct from all other nations, which have carried out their own programs of population control as soon as or shortly after becoming UN member states.

This underscores the crucial importance of population control for international peace, especially between the eastern (or communist) and western (or capitalist) blocs, and its role as the underbelly of nuclear deterrence.

It also demonstrates that the Soviet Union/Russia has always been a full and willing partner in the Global Depopulation Policy and that the recent fall out with the international order stems not from disagreements over population control but over globalization.

Russia refuses to allow the international community and its multinational corporations control over its natural resources, which is the other prerequisite for peaceful and prosperous international cohabitation.

Russia’s unparalleled natural resources cannot be shared with the world until such time as Russia refuses to abdicate control over them. And until such time as Russia abdicates control over its resources the world will be unable to accommodate an incoming three billion people, which is how many people are expected to be born until 2050 when the global population is expected to peak due to covert methods of population control.





It would be interesting to know what demands Russia makes for its participation in globalization that the West is unwilling or incapable of granting.

Whatever Russia demands, money is clearly far more important for both Russia and the West than people. For while neither Russia nor the West has hesitated to poison their people, neither one nor the other is willing to abandon its wealth.

We, the people, will have to take that wealth away and make it ours once again. Russia is wrong to hog all that wealth for nationalist reasons and the West is wrong to concentrate all that wealth for imperialist reasons.

But we the people cannot make that wealth ours again until such time as we are willing and capable of sharing resources across borders without bias or prejudice, which is what the current international order rightfully attempts to accomplish

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