Nothing ever changes in Washington except new faces continuing old policies dressed up at times to look different – same old, same old always.

Duopoly power is ruthless, predatory and merciless. Business as usual continues – worse than ever under a so-called “peace” president at war throughout his tenure against more nations than any of his predecessors, destabilizing others globally, pressuring, bullying or bludgeoning independent ones to obey Washington rules or else.

New York Times propaganda wants readers to believe otherwise – the myth of a kinder, gentler America. None exists – not now, earlier or ahead. Hegemons are unbending. They don’t change their stripes – just their strategies and tactics.

The Times editorial focused on Latin America. It said “quiet diplomacy” works. It ludicrously claims a “discreet and pragmatic American diplomacy (shift) in recent years has begun to alter the image of the United States as an overbearing, entitled neighbor.”

It cites Cuba as Exhibit A. On August 14, John Kerry becomes the first US Secretary of State to visit its republic in over half a century. He’s there to formally reopen Washington’s Havana embassy.

Obama’s “new chapter” in US/Cuban relations maintains hostile rhetoric – claiming “barriers to freedom…remain for ordinary Cubans.” Havana policies remain “sharply at odds with American interests.”

Decades-old blockade isn’t lifted. Republican presidential aspirants like Jeb Bush blast Obama’s “dramatic overreach” of executive policy – “reward(ing) those dictators.”

Longstanding US policy toward Cuba and other independent nations remains unchanged: regime change! Wanting pro-Western stooge governance installed – puppets Washington controls.

So-called normalization with Cuba masks its real intentions – destroying its sovereignty, returning the island state to colonial status, letting corporate America exploit its resources and people, enforcing dominance the way US policymakers try instituting everywhere else.

Washington’s so-called diplomatic thaw with Venezuela masks longstanding regime change plans since Hugo Chavez took office in February 1999.

In February, President Nicolas Maduro foiled a US coup plot to oust him. Months of US orchestrated street violence in 2014 preceded it. Washington’s economic war on Venezuela continues.

In March, Obama outrageously declared Venezuela a “national security threat to the United States.” His executive order imposed sanctions on seven Venezuelan officials.

Last December, congressional legislation signed by Obama (the Orwellian Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act) imposed sanctions on others – falsely accusing the Maduro government of directing “significant acts of violence or serious human rights abuses against persons associated with the anti-government protests in Venezuela,” lawless actions Washington orchestrated.

On August 11, Maduro said he has “proof of how (America’s) Southern Command personally, has placed functionaries in the US embassy in Venezuela to direct (a so-called) Vulture Plan” aimed at destabilizing independent Latin American governments through economic sabotage.

In July, Argentine President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner made similar accusations. There’s nothing benign about US policy anywhere worldwide. The Times claiming a shift toward “more cooperation” with Latin America nations belies cold hard disturbing truths.

James Petras explains “US policymakers are actively involved in promoting ‘client’ opposition parties, movements and personalities to destabilize independent governments and are intent on reimposing US domination.”

Obama’s Cuba agenda is “part of a wider policy of a more active political intervention in Latin America.” He backs regional governments supporting Washington’s political and economic agenda. Regime change is planned for others.

Since Obama took office in January 2009, he orchestrated Honduran President Manuel Zelaya’s ouster – replacing him with widely despised fascist despotism.

His 2010 coup plot to topple Ecuador’s Rafeal Correa failed. He’s trying again with current destabilization tactics. More on this below.

He replaced Paraguayan democracy with pro-Western fascist governance. He engineered Duvalierist/anti-populist/pro-Western stooge Michel (Sweet Micky) Martelly’s rigged election to become Haiti’s widely despised, illegitimate president.

Petras explains US strategy aims to recolonize all Latin and Central America – to make the entire region a US “satellite, ripe for pillage by extractive multi-nationals and financial speculators.”

US efforts for regime change in Ecuador have been ongoing since June – reflected in Washington-orchestrated street protests, at times violent, same old attempted color revolution strategy America employs globally aimed at replacing independent, popularly elected governments with pro-Western stooge regimes.

US supported Ecuadorian opposition elements called for a nationwide Thursday strike. They engineered overnight violence.

Telesur reported “masked and unmasked demonstrators violently attacked the police. The violence was completely unprovoked by police, who were guarding a street, keeping the opposition march from reaching” a huge simultaneous pro-government rally near the presidential palace.

Ecuadorians overwhelming support Correa’s government. They packed Independence Square Thursday afternoon and evening. They oppose right-wing destabilizing efforts.

Doctors dressed in white coats joined them. One spoke for others saying “(w)e’re here because of the advances in medicine under this government. Now people can get medicine for free. That is our fight.”

Former Culture Minister Paco Velasco was there. He was injured in a previous pro-Correa demonstration. He said anti-government violence accomplishes nothing.

“It seems to me that the strike has failed. If they wanted to halt business and prevent people from working, they did not succeed.”

“There are less (anti-Correa) numbers than anticipated, but I’m sure they’ll try to enter this government demonstration. But the government is not worried.”

Last night, Correa addressed his supporters. They chanted “Correa, our friend. The people are with you.”

Leadership of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) betrayed its supporters by shifting right, backing Ecuadorian monied interests.

Its president “represents no one, because the indigenous people are with us,” Correa told supporters.

Telesur said “(t)he crowd stayed into the night listening to legendary Nicaraguan folk singer Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy sometimes joined in duet with the president.”

“The opposition…packed up and (went) home” – outnumbered and outmatched by overwhelming numbers of pro-Correa supporters.

Don’t expect them to quit. They’ll be back – perhaps more violently than before. Pro-government supporters won’t tolerate their plan to turn Ecuador into a fascist police state like Honduras or Haiti. Expect them to continue the good fight to keep Ecuadorian democracy safe from dark forces wanting it destroyed.

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