Facebook continues to defy all the limits of intrusion.

It does not seem like an easy task to choose a filter for a “selfie”. The matter gets even more complicated when, as in the case of Facebook, there are around 50 different options to choose from.

What if you wear glasses, if it’s the face of a lion, if it’s a black and white photo… Facebook seems to have a remedy for all of it.

The company of Mark Zuckerberg has made public a patent that shows a technology that chooses an animated filter based on the mood of the person who is taking the photo.

The patent, although owned by the social network since 2016, was made published just last week.

The operation is very simple, instead of manually choosing a “mask” -Facebook likes to call it filters- the new software is capable of detecting emotion to then select a filter that adapts to the mood of the user.

If the application detects, for example, “an expression of surprise, the mask is assigned ‘surprised eyes’, if on the other hand it has an expression of sadness, a filter called “tears” appears on the image,” Facebook said in a statement.

In relation to how Facebook determines emotions, the company explains that its learning systems can predict emotions based on facial characteristics. In fact, this is not the first time that the social network patents tools that detect emotions.

However, the new patent can recognize other types of images. Masks can change based on several factors, such as location, profile data or even the content of the image itself.

“For example, if the user is in a zoo, looking at a panda, and takes a ‘selfie’ with an expression of happiness, the mask ‘happy panda’ will be selected taking into account the mood of the user and the animal that appears in the photo “, the company details.

In appearance, Facebook’s patent seems harmless because it can relate a person’s face to whatever feeling the company’s AI system thinks it is more adequate.

In reality, this new ability to detect a user’s mood is another brick on the wall of Facebook’s uncontrollable thirst to know everything its users do, think and say, even while they are not logged in to its platform.

Given Zuckerberg’s public track of dishonesty, there can be even worse featured facebook may be already using that haven’t been made public yet.

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