After the right to life, freedom of expression is perhaps the most precious right in the western world.

Much progress in modern society has been achieved as a result of people having the right to speak freely and with it, to lobby their friends, neighbors and political representatives.

Unfortunately, there are several tabu issues that mainstream media and now technology corporations are in the process of silencing once and for all, because people’s stance of those issues is deemed ‘controversial’.

One of those issues is forcing individuals to vaccinate. When it comes to what vaccines have accomplished over the past few decades, the jury is no longer out. Vaccines have never prevented any outbreak of disease. In fact, in many cases, vaccination campaigns have sparked the appearance of diseases that were no longer a threat to human health.

The explosion of cases of measles in the first two months of the year ‘worries’ the United States. The infection – supposedly eradicated two decades ago – has spread at a rate considered alarming.

As expected, the blame for this is attributed to those individuals who choose not to get vaccinated, although their number, with respect to those who are vaccinated is almost irrevelant.

So-called ‘experts’ now blame social networks for serving as a platform for anti-vaccine activists. Under pressure, companies such as Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Instagram and Pinterest have restricted or blocked groups that promote a childhood free of vaccines.

But censorship may not stop there. Doctors faithful to the theory of mass vaccination ask for the total censorship of articles or information that preaches against massive and forced vaccination.

Last Wednesday, the American Medical Association sent a letter to the top executives of technological giants to redouble their efforts.

Facebook took action on this after the media case of Ethan Lindenberger. The young man from Ohio declared before the US Congress about his experience of growing up in an anti-vaccine family.

The high school student explained that his mother is informed about the issue through the largest social network in the world. Moved by curiosity, the boy went to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as public health organizations and scientific journals.

When he tried to show her mother that ‘experts’ reject the idea that vaccines cause autism, she told her son that that’s what they wanted him to think.

Lindenberger was vaccinated for the first time a few months ago, at 18 years old. Now he has become an activist in favor of immunization.

Both Ethan and his mom were able to freely research and opine about their experience without the intervention of government agencies or social media platforms. However, that is not a luxury that many people who are willing to educate themselves about mass mandatory vaccination, will be able to enjoy.

The company of Mark Zuckerberg announced a reduction in the visibility of groups and anti-vaccination pages.

The measures, which will also be applied to Instagram, propose to delete the contents related to this movement. In other words, groups of interest, namely, Big Pharma, government agencies and social media platforms have determined that the public will only be allowed to see what they think is true, and nothing else.

As for the announcements on the subject, a team of international experts will analyze if the information offered is scientifically proven, and if it is not, they will reject it. What is not explained is that these so-called experts are tied to Big Pharma or to medical institutions that have their own links to vaccine manufacturers.

YouTube was more drastic and blocked all anti-vaccination ads that had paid for a space on the platform.

The argument was that this type of content conflicts with its policy that prohibits the monetization of videos containing “dangerous and harmful” material. According to Youtube, information that is not recognized by the Establishment as valid or true, will be censored from its plataform.

In another example of the current push for total censorship on social media and other content platforms, Democratic congressman Adam Schiff sent a letter to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, in which he affirmed the existence of “solid evidence” that platforms such as his encouraged the upward trend of misinformation about vaccines.

“I’m worried about recommending products and content that discourage parents from vaccinating their children,” the letter said.

Finally, the platform eliminated five documentaries from its catalog of Prime Video that exposed the current of thought of anti-vaccine activists, which by the way includes scientists who study different disciplines.

Before the letters and the appearances in Congress, Pinterest decided to block all the content related to vaccines, either for or against.

The largest association of doctors in the US decided to aim at the top of the Internet kingdom to punish anti-vaxers.

Health professionals asked the heads of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube to prohibit ads or erroneous content on the subject.

The letter showed his concern about recent reports that people who oppose massive mandatory vaccination pay for ads on social networks to address parents.

“With social networks as an important source of information for the American people, we ask you to do your part to ensure that users have access to scientifically valid information on vaccines,” said Dr. James Madara, CEO of AMA.

Have you heard of an independent association whose head is a CEO? Me neither. The American Medical Association is not a pro health organization, but a for profit entity. It makes money every year, in part from mass vaccination campaigns.

New York, one of the 12 states with measles cases, is experiencing the worst outbreak in its recent history. The number of people infected in the United States amounted to 228, which is more than half of all cases registered in 2018.

The questions is, if a great majority of people get vaccinated every year, or whenever doctors tell them to do so, how is it that diseases that were once erradicated have made a come back? Because, it isn’t unvaccinated people who are getting sick. Vaccinated folks are. This also proves the ineffective natura of vaccines, which is something no doctor who gets rich from mandating vaccines will tell you about.

While experts attribute the rise to both the increase in the rejection of vaccines and the importation of the virus from other countries, efforts to tackle the phenomenon are concentrating on the first factor, leaving open what might be the real causes of the outbreaks: vaccine ineffectiveness and importation of disease via the continuous influx of illegal immigrants whose health status is unknown.

It is important to remember that ‘experts’ also told us that global cooling was going to freeze over most of the planet and that by the early 2000s we would have sea levels rise to swallow Florida and most pacific islands.

The World Health Organization warned that one of the threats to global health is people who reject vaccines, even though vaccinated people are also getting sick.

The scenario is aggravated while a score of US states have already introduced bills to expand the reasons why parents can exempt children from receiving vaccines and in turn require doctors to provide more information about the risks of vaccines.

But the issue of vaccination is not even the focus here. Our attention should be drawn to the growing trend of censorship against people who dissent from the main stream and how the Internet, the tool that was going to democratize information is now being used to ban the voice of those who date to speak against ‘settled science’.
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