Former Brazilian Minister of Labor, Carlos Lupi, said that one of the reasons for the political crisis in Brazil is that the ruling Workers Party (PT) “stole too much”.

Lupi, who now chairs the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), which integrates the coalition government, was Minister of Labour during the last two years of the Lula da Silva administration.

The current president, Dilma Rousseff, ratified Lupi’s position in 2011, when she began her first term, but Lupi resigned in December of that year amid suspicions of corruption that eventually were unproven.

According to local media, Lupi said in a private act of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), that the PT, led by Lula and Rousseff, got “exhausted” and that such exhaustion made the political group “settled down” in power.

“The PT was exhausted. They did not invent corruption, but stole too much, and his project became a project of power,” said Lupi.

Lupi was referring to the corruption scandal at the state-owned oil giant Petrobras, which according to estimates diverted R$ 6,2 billion, or $ 2.0 billion in the last decade.

According to Lupi, public discomfort with the PT and the government is clear on the polls, which show that Rousseff work is only approved by 13% of those who participated in the poll.

That low level of approval is added to the recent and massive protests that took to the streets of the country. Brazilians expressed their desire for “respect” and for an end to the corruption led by the PT and other political parties in the country.

The former minister remembered that at the beginning of the Lula adminstration the government gave a lot of emphasis on the social aspect of things, which allowed raising levels of income for millions of people who moved out of poverty.

Unfortunately, according to Lupi, those same programs that had apparently rescued millions from misery also caused dependency. Now “some people do not want to work” as they prefer to continue to be supported by government subsidies.

Lupi said that his criticisms are intended only be a warning, but they do not mean that PDT has plans to leave the ruling coalition. “We don’t want it to be like rats leaving the ship when water begins to enter. But we do not want to be like the captain of the Titanic, who stayed on the ship until it sank,” he said.

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