Researchers at Indiana University in the US have launched Hoaxy, a platform to follow the spread of “fake news” on the Internet.

“Hoaxy”, its creators allege, is an open service that allows to automatically track the spread of news in order to analyze the problem and be able to design strategies that end with the so-called disinformation that involves the spread of false news, rumors and conspiracy theories.

The system uses a series of web crawlers to detect links to articles posted on fake news sites. Then, through a Social Media Application Programming Interface (API), “Hoaxy” checks how these false news spread across networks. The question here is who determined what a fake news site is and what methodology was used.

Apparently, the user only has to write in the platform searcher the subject that interests him and the service will return a list with all the false news that have been published on the subject. No explanation is given as to why those links lead to “fake news” or how the decision was made to determine that such news is fake.

“Hoaxy” is, for the moment, in beta format and generates results from 132 websites known for allegedly producing and disseminating false news. Emphasis and attention should be given to the word KNOWN. Who knows and how do they know that a website is a source of fake news?

A “Hoaxy” search on Hillary Clinton offers hundreds of articles with all sorts of accusations, including a recent one claiming that the Democratic party candidate had said of her voters that they were stupid, or another in which Obama said of her that She was not qualified to be president. In reality Obama did say that about Clinton when they were running for the Democratic party ticket, so in truth, such assertion is not false.

The platform also offers results from alleged conspiracy theories. Among some of the topics included in the conspiracy theory section are Chemtrails, or the artificial modification of the weather by governments and private entities. Chemtrails are far from being a conspiracy theory. It is more of a conspiracy fact. The same with 9/11, which “Hoaxy” also treats as a conspiracy theory. 15 years after the terrorist attacks on lower Manhattan and Washington, DC, there are very few people who believe the official story.

How does “Hoaxy” work?

After the initial search that offers the list with all the articles on a certain subject, the platform allows to visualize through two graphs the impact it has had on the networks, how many times it has been shared, in which social networks and when it has been done.

The search engine also traces the dissemination of articles that belittle bugs, although researchers who have developed the platform ensure that these are not as viral as fake articles.

Rumors, fake news and conspiracy theories are “Hoaxy”‘s main goals, but the service also offers results on news manipulations with a reality basis.

An example cited by the CNET website is the result of the search on the platform on Amazon. The first article that the search engine shows is one in which the company is accused of making subliminal Islamist propaganda in its ads.

The magnitude of the phenomenon of fake news websites has alerted many global organizations such as the World Economic Forum, which has included digital misinformation among the major global risks of the future. Globalist organizations of all types are now using the phenomenon of so-called “fake news” as a tool to censor independent media.

The other threats are the water crisis, major financial failures and the lack of adaptation to climate change. These three topics are in themselves “fake news”. There is no water crisis, but international corporations that slowly but forcefully have been acquiring, legally and illegally the water resources of the planet. One of this examples is Nestle, whose CEO said that people did not have a right to accessing clean water.

Researchers who have developed “Hoaxy” ensure that platforms of this type help to understand the phenomenon to develop effective countermeasures.

In reality, what tools like “Hoaxy” are, are the beginning of a massive push for internet censorship against the rising independent media. Why? Because independent media have gained more respect, trust and audiences than the traditional, corporate controlled dying media.

If researchers who have been working for some months with the information really cared about real information, they would let the free market of ideas decide what is news and what is not, as supposed to feeling entitled to censor independent media because their reports do not fit their agendas.

Interestingly enough, “Hoaxy” does not return any web searches with “fake news” from well-known Establishment fake news sources such as CNN, MSNBC, FOXNews, PBS, BBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and others.

It is clear that “Hoaxy” is something like the Global Warming computer models, which were made to yield a result that is desired by their creators, as the platform is programmed with preloaded notions of what are fake news websites and what fake news is. Hoaxy and tools of the same kind will be used to target dissenting views, not to eliminate fake news.

Tools like “Hoaxy” along with the creation of the new Ministry of Truth by the Obama administration guarantee that governments, the US government in this case, intends to hunt down independent media, to censor their contents and to have the government itself as the only legitimate source of information.

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