The German government will launch an iPhone app, which will allow the use of a digital identity function of the identity document.

Germany goes a step further in digitizing the identity of its citizens and, starting in the fall, will allow iPhone users to use their devices as valid identity documents, according to Europa Press.

The new feature will be made possible, not coincidentally, by the use of the iOS13 operating system that Apple will launch on that date.

The new mobile application comes after the US manufacturer presented the new version of its operating system during its developer event WWDC 2019.

The main novelty is that this version includes the opening of the NFC sensor interface, a physical component of current smartphones also used for mobile payments.

This is what makes it possible for the phone to be used as a DNI, together with the AusweisApp2 app, which will allow identification functions and which the German government will launch at the same time.

The new app will be free – suspiciously conveniently – and can be downloaded in the App Store. 

According to the statement issued by the Federal Ministry of Interior of Germany, this new feature will allow iPhone users to “enable the function of digital identity as well as the electronic residence permit on the mobile device”.

The German ministry, which has welcomed what it considers to be an “important step”, explained that this function will allow the use of several official digital applications, including the electronic payment service for ePass parking and the online platform for the application of international visas eVisum.

The use of the iPhone as an identity document through the NFC will be accepted even in the in-person reviews at international airports, according to the German agency, which states that “Germany and many other States have been in contact with Apple for a long time”.

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