The German government is determined to tighten its asylum rules. Floods of refugees that continue to arrive despite the introduction of controls on some borders and an increasingly tense political atmosphere against the immigration policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

On Tuesday, the great Christian Democrat-Social Democrat coalition urged a reform whose main aims are to reduce the number of asylum applications from the Balkan countries.

The Executive wants to include Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro in the list of “safe countries”. This step, which has yet to get the approval of Parliament, is to prevent the arrival of refugees to highly saturated shelters for those asylum seekers who have little chance of getting this condition.

“It’s a way to tell people who will come from these countries to not get in the way, as they will return home,” said Interior Minister,Thomas de Maiziere.

With the package approved on Tuesday, the government also aims to speed up the administrative processes for the arrival of refugees and replace the pocket money given to newcomers with services that are required immediately.

But some Democrats and Bavarian Social Christian leaders are not satisfied with these cuts. Chancellor Merkel rejected on Tuesday a proposal to establish an exception to the newly introduced minimum wage so that it does not apply to refugees.

Conservative leaders who defended this idea argued that it would be a way to facilitate their entry into the labor market. “It would be an explosive measure. Whoever makes these proposals does not serve the poor in Germany,” said Vice Chancellor and Social Democrat leader Sigmar Gabriel.

While the government tries to manage migration flows, the social climate deteriorates. Merkel’s popularity has fallen to the lowest level of the last year.

The conflict against asylum centers including among the refugees themselves has also increased. On Monday, the xenophobic movement Pegida achieved success by bringing together 8,500 people to protest the alleged “Islamization of the West.”

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