Anointing her by electoral rigging to lead one wing of America’s duopoly system reveals the deplorable state of the nation – tyranny posing as democracy.

A new low in presidential politics was reached with a candidate representing Washington’s lunatic fringe, a neocon war goddess drooling for endless conflicts, a legally challenged candidate yearning for more mass slaughter and destruction – a she-devil seeking world conquest and dominance no matter the human cost.

From inception, America proved itself the cruelest, most ruthless nation in world history, harming more people over a longer duration than any other. Tens of millions of corpses attest to its barbarity.

If elected, Hillary risks committing greater high crimes of state than her predecessors, including possible nuclear war – why it’s crucial to defeat her in November. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance.

Her Thursday night acceptance speech was what you’d expect – featuring rambling lofty rhetoric, dreary and dull pontificating, empty promises, an unprincipled display of dishonesty, perfidy and villainy.

Claiming “economic and social justice issues (are) front and center where they belong” on her agenda belies her despicable record as corrupt lawyer, me-first lady, US senator, secretary of state and influence-peddler to the highest bidders after leaving office – for self-aggrandizement and super-wealth enrichment.

Hillary represents a new low in US politics, featuring unrestrained imperial lawlessness, endless wars of aggression, risking WW III by confronting nonexistent Sino/Russian threats, serving monied and warmongering interests exclusively, along with ignoring the welfare and concerns of ordinary people.

Her unbridled ruthlessness risks possible life on earth ending nuclear war. Defeating her presidential ambitions tops all other priorities for people everywhere.

The horror of her in charge should motivate a groundswell of opposition in November. Reject her or perhaps perish. Support Jill, not Hill – a true people’s candidate!!

Media React to Hillary’s Nomination

Almost in unison, media scoundrels support Clinton to succeed Obama – without explaining the grave threat to world peace and fundamental freedoms she represents.

The New York Times is typical – virtually serving as her press agent, abandoning journalistic ethics and principles entirely – oozing support for a ruthlessly dangerous presidential aspirant.

Saying she “sacrificed personal ambition for her husband’s political career” ignored the nation’s first ever husband/wife co-presidency, seeking a third term – a rogue partnership, serving monied interests over popular ones for eight painful years.

Every promise Hillary made throughout the campaign, including Thursday night, will be broken straightaway in office if elected – GUARANTEED!

Yet The Times tried reinventing her as “a steady and patriotic American who would stand up for citizens of all races and creeds and unite the country…”

Can anyone even somewhat knowledgeable about her despicable career buy this rubbish? A cloying same day editorial honored a woman seeking unlimited wealth and power no matter the cost to others.

Times editors went overboard, presenting a false picture of a woman reviled by two-thirds of US voters, believing she’s legally, ethically and morally tainted beyond rehabilitation.

Times editors claiming her public record reflects “a profound service to the nation” belies the hard truth about a she-devil threatening world peace and the fading remnants of a free society at home.

The Times is in bed with pure evil while pretending to support high-minded principles it rejects. Its advocacy on the wrong side of history reflects the sorrowful state of major media in America and other Western societies – agents of wealth, power and privilege, harming the general welfare.

Washington Post editors called Hillary a uniter, not a divider, a force for progressive change – quoting her duplicitous rhetoric without debunking it responsibly.

Saying (h)er challenge between now and November will be to persuade voters that her promis(ing) ‘step-by-step, year-by-year’ progress is more attractive than (Trump’s) reckless and fact-free leadership…” showed Post editors endorsing her lies, ignoring her ruthlessness, while condemning her opponent with no public record on which to judge him.

Wall Street Journal editors took a different view, calling Hillary’s agenda “hope without change,” promises without fulfillment, “the most predictable Democrat in generations.”

Her desire to be Obama’s heir means “status quo, only more of it,” they said. Since 1992, voters know “how she cuts ethical corners and then stonewalls and dissembles when discovered.”

She’s the most reviled Democrat presidential aspirant in party history, electoral rigging needed to anoint her its standard bearer. Attired in white deceptively reflecting purity concealed her villainous evil.

Trump v. Clinton in November assures a predetermined outcome – dirty business as usual prevailing like always, America a sham democracy, in name only.

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