Everyone talks about success, but very few ask whether or not everyone can achieve it.

Working is a drag.

Every day you have to get up and have breakfast in a hurry, expose yourself to the usual traffic jam or a long journey by public transport, and go through one hundred hoops to fit the dozens of tasks of the day.

That is what life is all about, is it not?

“He who wants something has to pay for it”, people say.

Everything must be done to thrive, to prosper, to achieve that longed goal for ascending that brings a substantial pay raise.

The successful professional can only rest after putting both feet up on the desk in the corner office.

Life takes care of itself if there is money, professional recognition. That is real success, right?

The true answer is no. People have mistaken the concept of success.

The accepted formula, the one that has been sold to us, is that success is equal to a good job and a lot of money.

Real success, however, is based on the balance between six crucial areas of life: health, family, profession, training and the social and spiritual levels.

Therefore, anyone who works 15 hours a day, even if he receives a salary at the end of each month, can never boast of being an authentically successful person.

Not everything is money or professional recognition.

Success is the combination between self-affirmation and the admiration of others.

Only someone who has managed to have an enjoyable job, that motivates and makes him grow, with which he maintains a constant intention to improve himself and that, in addition, allows him to have balance in the other planes of life, can be considered a successful person.

Not having time to rest turns us into slaves; modern slaves.

Some psychologists and professional coaches believe that someone who does not have two-thirds of the day for himself is a slave, whether he is in politics, sales or academia.

Although in the United States it is the capital that commands most activities, in the United Kingdom it is the social position.

In Nordic countries, companies penalize the worker when he works more hours than they are supposed to.

According to experts, the correct equation to determine success is Productivity = Quality of Work Time, the opposite is presentism or, in any case, marathon days that consume the necessary space to establish an authentic balance and, therefore, true success.

Psychologists explain about the importance of recovering from work through low-effort activities such as reading and social activities like meetings with friends, practicing sports, improve the physical and mental health of the individual, fighting stress and exhaustion.

Additional research argues that excessive concentration leads the brain to a state of exhaustion that can lead to loss of control.

Why modern success is actually a trap

The idea of success, as it is currently being sold leads to unsustainable situations. For example, working too many extra hours, even if they are substantially paid, or going back to work if one is not physically fit to do so.

People who do this, precipitate into to a more serious situation.

Most professional career advisers would tell you that the key is to learn how to prioritize, so the same pattern of mistakes is not repeated.

The race to leadership often demands dedication without limits; and leaders, like so many of us, does not know how to put prioritize.

We have assumed as true the example of the success that modern society has sold us. The image of the winner that we have seen so many times in movies or television and that the system reinforces by placing money as the axis of almost everything important.

The Achiever was the one who reached the American dream: having a super comfortable house in a large property, a stable job, and an adorable family.

This dream, in the movies made in Hollywood, could only be caressed by whites; until, after the Second World War, the United States opened the idea of success to other social groups so that they also could have their perfect families.

It is the system that leads us to die of success when in reality that idea of success is incomplete and incompatible with most of us because it distracts us from other fundamental areas of life that configure authentic fulfillment.

In this sense, a successful person is not that who accumulates the most and who spends most of his life looking for ways to pay for it, or who is so rich that it cannot trust anyone to take care of his wealth.

The greatest enjoyment in life is to have the ability, the time and health to collect and taste the fruit of our effort. That is truly what success looks like.

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