It feels like every common bond that unites us is being destroyed and that we are being pressured to mimic the belief that those bonds are gone. So, even if you believe that those bonds still exist and that we should keep them if you proclaim such a belief, you are immediately called a racist, a white supremacist, and an arrogant perpetrator of social injustice.

Much of this hate for our traditions and history has been injected into society by the educational system, the same system that is supposed to help society raise the thinkers, innovators, and, above all, the citizens of tomorrow, who will direct the destinies of the nation.

One example of this situation is that according to the American Museum of African American History and Culture, those interviewed to produce the study believe that ‘evil whiteness’ is represented by people’s desire to be able to work hard, to have individualism, justice, time management, delayed gratification, science, and many others. Again, all of these elements are listed by those asked as symbols of white supremacy that must be rejected to bring about a more progressive world.

All this comes to light given people’s misunderstanding -with the help of governments and the mainstream media, of the concept of racism, which has been manipulated and reformulated to cause social chaos.

Traditionally, racism was known as the belief of superiority or inferiority of any particular group. But today, racism is presented to people like anything that is done that results in inequality, especially inequality of outcome, which is what so-called progressives in politics are pushing for.

Consequently, if you are not in support of literally deleting that system from existence, you are automatically labeled as a racist collaborator.

What people are not told and surely do not understand, is that all systems of governance that have ever existed suffered from inequality.

Even if someone believes that the levels of inequality seen nowadays are exponentially larger than in any other epoch of human history -and they are-, claiming that racism is behind every single example of what is thought to be unequal, and attempting to completely destroy a whole system of governance because of that belief, will not actually bring equality to anyone.

How so?

Because human beings have different capacities, make different choices, and are born into different environments, which makes it impossible to legislate or impose equality of outcome on everyone and have such ‘equality of outcome’ become a successful social model of coexistence.

Equality of outcome is then, another example of utopia parroted by social forces whose only intention is to divide and conquer. The belief carried along by the so-called progressives, is that any system that “suffers from inequality” is inherently racist and that in order to fight racism, we all need to fight the system.

This is where the term ‘systemic racism’ comes from. It is also the same place where the idea that ‘cops are racists’ come from, and more dangerous, it is where the idea that all dissent from that view must be crushed, comes from.

The thought that the system should be destroyed to build a whole new structure that will ban hard work, individualism, and free enterprise is, not surprisingly sponsored by people like David Duke, a white supremacist, and leader of the infamous Ku Klux Klan. Their goal is to eliminate all standards by which we hold people accountable, to that ‘equality’ finally comes into existence.

Why is the word ‘racism’ being thrown left and right against anyone who values tradition, history, and a society governed by laws? Because today, being called a racist is probably the gravest of all accusations.

The alternative to avoiding this label is to acquiesce, to agree to the destruction of society as we know it; a society that, despite its many imperfections, has allowed us all, of all origins, ethnicities and social statuses, to forge whatever present and future we desire for ourselves and to achieve, through hard work, whatever goals we establish for ourselves.

Unfortunately, for those who think that acquiescing is the solution to stop society from becoming an out-of-control wildfire, these people who want you to acquiesce to their desires know no limits. They will always come back to you so that you surrender to new levels of submission until your very last grain of dignity and humanity has been stripped from you.

Acquiescing to mobs is not the way to put out the social fire burning down society.

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