The man who was going to destroy the economy and bring war upon America has shown how speaking straightforwardly and negotiating from a position of strength yields very positive results.

Donald Trump has been accused of being arrogant, homophobic, a traitor, and all kinds of other things. He is seen by the leftist media and politicians as a destroyer, a nemesis because he ignores climate change and is even glad that the polar ice caps are melting, which is untrue. He has been accused of despising immigrants, of hating the press that criticizes him, of practicing nepotism and of confusing his personal interests with those of the country.

The warnings from mainstream media about his potential for causing catastrophes have come and go. “Any moment he will cause a war with China,” they say.

What mainstream media don’t talk about is the economy. They don’t even dedicate a segment in their lie bloated fake news shows to the amazing economic recovery. Even though under the presidency of Donald Trump, the United States has recovered prosperity, the greatest in over 60 years, all you hear in the media is Russian collusion -yes, still Russian collusion.

There is hardly any unemployment, the economy grew more than 3% in the first quarter, inflation remains low, wages rise and industrial decline has slowed down. The inverse was true under Barack Obama, by the way.

So the Democrats and the media criticize Trump because he is achieving all of that with monstrous public indebtedness and an alarming budget deficit. That is true.

Donald Trump has united the Republican Party around a policy similar to that of another president, a more likeable, the media say. They refer to Ronald Reagan.

During the 1980s, Reagan shot up the debt and all the deficits. This is what happens when taxes are lowered and a great deal of armament is bought and sold.

It happens, however, that the United States prints dollars, the accepted currency in the whole planet, and can afford things that no other country could.

Ronald Reagan managed to bring optimism back to the United States. With that, the country also recovered economic superpower status, won the Cold War and ended the Soviet Union.

During Reagan’s tenure, many believed then that his commitment to having missiles in Europe and bluffing on war with the USSR could lead to a nuclear holocaust. It didn’t, just as Trumps position on North Korea and China will not.

Actually, the opposite happened. As for the deficits, the growth melted them. During the presidency of Bill Clinton they were transformed into surpluses, to the point of the disappearance of public debt, fundamental both for those who manage monetary policy and for small savers.

Donald Trump practices protectionism and practically violates every day the principles of a globalist so-called “free trade” that, for reasons that are not entirely understandable, has become almost a dogma of faith for progressives.

Since confronting China, whose state capitalism is the antithesis of free trade, the European Union seems to quietly endorse Beijing’s thesis and international institutions issue periodic warnings about the risk that the trade war will lead to a global recession. Those institutions are the same that want open borders and a supranational socialist system governed by unelected officials; all of which Trump is fighting against.

It remains to be seen how the first term of Donald Trump ends. To date, it has not caused any disaster, unlike Barack Obama, who encouraged Arab “springs” and did not know what to do with them.

To date, it has achieved some splendid economic results. To date, everything points to the fact that he should achieve reelection without great difficulties, because the Democrats or anyone else for that matter, have an answer to the kind of booming economy that not even Bill Clinton could dream about.

Sometimes it is healthy for the facts to contradict our prejudices.

The fact is that it continues to be the economy, STUPID!

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