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Is Dilma’s party being criminalized? 

Current investigations show that the Worker’s Party (PT) functions like a criminal organization more than a political group.

Dilma Rousseff’s Foreign Policy Adviser, Marco Aurelio Garcia, believes there is a plot to make the Worker’s Party look like a gangster syndicate.

Garcia, who travels to foreign lands to justify his party’s mismanagement of government said in an interview that for him it came as a surprise that the credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded Brazil’s credit rating.

Mr. Garcia is was in Washington attempting to defend his administration’s capacity to deal with the crisis and advocating the solvency of his country against the doubts about the economic crisis and corruption scandals affecting the Brazilian government.

According to Garcia, who participated in the XIX Annual CAF Conference on the main challenges facing Latin America, the Workers Party (PT) of Rousseff and Lula has to “reflect” on some “mistakes” and assign “responsibilities”.

But he says that his party is the victim of a “criminalization” campaign that is justified by the circumstances.

When asked whether the Worker’s Party should issue a statement accepting its responsibility in the corruption scandals, Mr. Garcia said that this kind of statements are adequate for religious bodies and that that the PT is not such a thing.

Despite the involvement of some of its luminaries in the corruptions scandals that have shaken Brazil in the last year, Garcia says that the PT is not finished. “People say many times that the party is finished, but is not true.”

“The party has an extraordinary social mobility and any errors it may have committed, and even having some of our leaders involved in the scandals, is not going to compromise that.”

Garcia went beyond to say that the PT is doing what it needs to do at this time. “What the party has to do, and is doing it to some extent, is a reflection on its history, but above all it must think about the future, because what people want are alternatives.

Dilma’s adviser recognized that the big problem in Brazil today is that no one knows where the country is going. In addition, there is the fact that, outside from PT supporters, no one believes or trusts the political class either.

Garcia said that the current reporting about the political and corruption scandals is a “massive campaign to prosecute people before trials have been made.” He added that in his view the arrests made so far are preventive in nature and that no convictions are being processed now. “I do not want to be paranoid, but there is a project, an attempt to criminalize the PT and its leadership,” he said.

As for the protests, Garcia says it is all a plot from right wing supporters who, after being bewildered by what he called the success of PT administrations, took a situation that was favorable to some extent to rise up and challenge the people in power.

“We were not able to construct a narrative about the reform process, and that is very difficult to move forward in a new wave of reforms. As a political force, the left, the PT, also the government, of course, has failed to explain the narrative of reform.”

For Garcia, Lula was all about narrative. His career, he says, was that of someone who came from below and who became a symbol of what had happened with Brazil.

Garcia’s only concession is that the current wave of corruption has indeed affected Brazil’s image abroad. “I think that is not an irreversible matter. I think what Brazil is facing today are economic difficulties. If we overcome these difficulties, we have conditions to solve the image problem.

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