All you have to do to answer this question is to look at the starting point of all popular uprisings that took place around the world over the last 3 years.

What did the countries where “springs” and declarations of revolution made the headlines?

All people in those countries -Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Cuba, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Brazil, Venezuela- had two things in common: They were slaves to their governments, and they were all under the rule of quasi dictators.

Those countries were also propelled by foreign intervention by mostly invisible actors who promoted “color revolutions” and all kinds of popular uprisings as an apparent natural reaction to the oppression of their governments.

The uprisings were real in many cases, but they took on shapes and colors that were modeled after the best balkanization practices from eastern Europe.

There are a number of circumstances and situations that must arise for a globalist driven uprising to be successful.

First, you need an out of control government or globalist puppet whose actions impoverish the population, and whose actions take away basic freedoms.

Second, you need to have a dissatisfied population, that suffered years of political, economic or military mistreatment by their government.

Third, you need a small but strong local group of opponents to government policies who are just ignorant enough to be swindled by unknown actors and players who want to “fight along” for their cause.

Fourth, you need a sense of discouragement and learned helplessness in the population, so when someone comes by offering the sky and the moon, they all jump on board immediately.

The previous for elements existed in the countries cited above as well as in other more “democratic” parts of the world, such as Spain and the United States, where government rules supreme above all individual rights.

The key for globalists and their organizations is to cause a tipping point where it seems that it was the popular uprisings what caused the fall of this president or that prime minister.

These globalists are never visible people as they manage their influence through their philanthropic organizations.

Some of those globalists involved in color revolutions include names such as George Soros, whose bad habit of intervening in the lives if millions via his innumerable organizations has earned him the hate of his country of origin.

The most common result of visible or invisible interventions intended to balkanize underdeveloped or developing countries or to effect their elections process, among other tactics,

Don´t let news analysts tell you that this or that disaster is worse. All foreign interventions cause displacement, poverty and war.

Just like Yemen and Syria caused the largest dislocations in recent history, barring world wars, Venezuela is rapidly becoming Latin America´s own nightmare.

You see, the globalist goal when they provoke dislocation, displacement, poverty and war is to cause generalized unrest so people are forced to move long distances which in turn causes stress in other regions of the world.

The globalists´ ultimate goal is to destroy Western civilization and cultures and in order to achieve that they must move massive amounts of people from one region of the world to one or two others.

While that reality takes place on the ground, their organizations, which are under control of many governments and political parties, push for and approve policies that enable millions of migrants to have access to government sponsored welfare programs.

Their plan is a two-prong scheme. They not only manage to justify the movement of millions of people under the excuse of social justice and mea culpas, but they also slowly and carefully destroy the social fabric of the countries where those millions of migrants end up going.

The best to destroy western civilization is attacking the economies and the culture. The result of many more millions of people using limited resources that exist in government welfare programs ensures the collapse of those programs.

One the economic safety net disappears, everyone becomes equally poor, which is real meaning of “equality” that is pushed by globalist organizations and their bought and paid for social heroes in government.

They don´t really want everyone to be equally successful and wealthy. Neither do they want people who are equally well-educated. That reality would immediately challenge their current development model.

Venezuela is on track to provoke a regional crisis

Venezuela is already a huge headache; “It is on the way to provoke – if it is not already – a regional crisis, with effects basically in Colombia but also on the whole neighborhood: Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, who receive their desperate immigrants. If the flow persists they face a difficult situation.

The problems are getting worse as each day goes by. But Maduro’s government does not recognize that it has a humanitarian crisis on its hands and that’s the way it is.

The massive arrival of Venezuelans, among which there are children with symptoms of malnutrition and who show flagrant food safety problems; pregnant women who cross the border because in Venezuela there are increasing problems with public health, infants with their mothers looking for medicine, requires immediate aid and that aid needs to be focused on health and nutritional needs of all those migrants.

The EU has denounced the attacks on Venezuelan political institutions by Nicolás Maduro, the problems stemming from the lack of separation of powers and attacks on the rule of law and freedom of expression.

There are identical parallels with the European refugee crisis: Venezuelans cross into Colombia, a country whose serious problems due to natural catastrophes and above all the presence of terrorist and paramilitary groups and millions of displaced people after half a century of guerrilla warfare can derail the peace process.

The Venezuelan crisis must not make us forget the Colombian crisis, which has remitted but is still there. The Syrians crossed to Greece, which was in full depression. It is not exactly the same story, but there are clear parallels.

Like the Colombians, the Greeks responded with incredible generosity, although in Europe we also saw outbreaks of violence committed by migrants in refugee camps and even against the very same population that opened their arms -in many cases forcefully- to offer food and medical attention.

Migration crises are never isolated phenomena. The Syrian crisis is not understood without the Iraqi crisis, it was a regional crisis; and that is another parallel with the effects of the serious situation in Venezuela, which are felt at the regional level and therefore require regional solutions.

Venezuela today is like Colombia 20 years ago

Twenty years ago it was the Colombians who emigrated to Venezuela. The opposite happens today.

We will prepare a plan to invite Venezuelans to return, said Venezuelan Minister Jorge Rodríguez a few days ago in these pages. But it is difficult to console these people with rhetorical candies, who tell disturbing stories of their adventures and who flee, in many cases due to persecution and false accusations of treason and insubordination.

The least common denominator of all the stories is necessity and fear.

Hundreds of Venezuelans arrive without stopping. Aat this rate the situation will be unsustainable at some point not too far away.

For the needs of the iconographic representation of history, the image of young Berliners demolishing the wall ended symbolizing the end of the communist nightmare.

Nothing is so clear, so visual in Venezuela, although the story does not usually knock on the door to announce.

The closest thing to hammering against the wall is that crowd that leads the exodus of a generation launched by fate to a violent shake like a waterfall.

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