Does it surprise? It shouldn’t.

No evidence links Syria’s military or allied forces to CW use any time during years of conflict.

Plenty of evidence proves US-supported terrorists used them many times, incidents falsely blamed on Damascus.

According to Syrian media, government forces found large caches of arms, munitions and CWs in liberated Deir Ezzor.

An ISIS arsenal included tanks, armored vehicles, drones, and a truck containing toxic substances.

According to Syrian army Col. Yunes, “(w)hile combing the city and chasing the remains of ISIL, we found a huge number of different weapons produced by European countries, supporting this group.”

The city was ISIS’ main stronghold – after the Pentagon relocated most of its fighters from Raqqa, US helicopters airlifting their commanders out.

Syrian forces restored security and stability throughout Deir Ezzor, destroying the last ISIS stronghold in the country, according to an official source.

Separately, Russia’s reconciliation center called actions by US forces near al-Tanf in southern Syria a war crime, saying:

During violence instigated by US-supported terrorists, killing or wounding around three dozen internally displaced al-Rukban camp refugees, “(t)he US did not offer (them) any medical assistance.”

“(A)ll those injured are doomed. Such actions of the US military and the so-called international coalition near al-Tanf constitute a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and can be qualified as a war crime.”

Humanitarian conditions at the camp remain dire, US forces blocking aid from getting in – prohibiting anyone approaching Syrian territory it illegally holds.

Refugees escaping from the area described horrific camp conditions. In late October, Russia said “(t)he humanitarian situation in the al-Rukban refugee camp is getting worse. Distribution of drugs, agitation and terrorist recruitment still take place in the camp.”

“At the same time, the American side and illegal armed formations impede the creation of a safe passage for humanitarian cargos to be delivered to the people in the camp.”

Russian and US objectives in Syria are polar opposites. Moscow wants peace and stability restored, terrorists eliminated from the country.

Washington wants endless war and regime change. Is a clash between both countries inevitable – over Syria or something else?

America’s imperial agenda risks unthinkable confrontation between the world’s leading nuclear powers. The possibility is ominously real.

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