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ISIS is neither Islamic nor a State 

If you are in doubt about how the mainstream media brainwashes people, please ask yourself why everyone is calling the group identified with the black colored flag the “Islamic State”. Are they really Islamic? Are they really a State?

The answer to the previous two questions is a big NO.

Why is everyone calling the terrorist group, that alleges to be killing in the name of Islam, the Islamic State?

Why is the media saying that this group is a State?

ISIS does not possess any territory of its own, therefore it is not a nation or a State, and it certainly does not speak or act on behalf of people  who follows Islam.

Despite the facts cited above, we hear every single news outlet repeating the name ISIS, or the Islamic State. In truth, however, a more precise name for this organization would be Al-Qaeda or Al-Nusra.

As Hillary Clinton confessed in a TV interview, the terrorist group now running for dear life in Syria is nothing else than an overpowered version of the Mujahideen fighters that the Americans propped up in Afghanistan several decades ago.

They have been joined by mercenaries, thugs and the occasional Army special ops people from several countries in the Middle East region. This terrorist group has been aided by many western nations, both directly or indirectly. The US has provided them with weapons and cash. Turkey has given them training and transport and Saudi Arabia has done the same.

Perhaps a name such as the Saudi-American-Turkish Army would be more appropriate for the group that calls itself the Islamic State.

As I mentioned before, the media plays a very important role in creating consensus and determining reality and that is why everyone is calling the terrorist group names like ISIS, ISIL or the Islamic State. Had the media called it Al-Qaeda, everyone would still be calling that.

People ask whether the West can defeat ISIS, but do not realize that the group’s western backers are already winning the battle for them. Those who support ISIS, which is not totally under the control of the Americans or the Saudis, are already winning the language war. They have told people what they should call a group. If the media can brainwash people about a name, imagine what else they can do with perception and consciousness.

Some people believe that the neocolonialists who are behind terror organizations want to bring about ‘order out of chaos’. I say that it is more like disorder out of chaos and that disorder begins with language. It is in the mess of words that the world reflects its disorder.

The lack of understanding creates social insecurity and that insecurity results in poor use of language. The poor language gets even more aggravated by the growing chorus for so-called politically correct language, which seeks to censor free speech and political dissent.

Are we really at war or do people believe we are because the media reports on François Hollande says so? Is it a struggle against Muslims? Or it is against a new kind of fascism with religious roots? Is Islam the great totalitarian threat of the XXI century?

Are you sure you have the right information to be able to answer the questions posed above?

If there is war, it is also a war of words, hence it is appropriate, first of all, to clarify what ISIS really is.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is neither Islamic nor a State. The reason why the group adopted that name is because it helps to easily manipulate people’s perception of reality and focuses the public’s attention on the scapegoats: Islam and its followers.

The fact that most people are ignorant about the true nature of ISIS helps the neocolonialists direct people’s attention to someone to blame for the consequences of their terrorist actions against civilians.

The name ISIS is part of the propaganda that is used by the media to intimidate the ignorant masses. The puppets who appeared on the internet saying that they are a state that has seized power in several cities in Iraq and Syria has a territory where there may be some six million people and over which they exercised a monopoly of violence.

ISIS says they are Islamic because they follow Sharia Law in its most literal meaning, something shared, incidentally, with a number of recognized states like Saudi Arabia.

This purported Islamic State allegedly wants to implement a global caliphate, the highest authority of the political and spiritual realms. Currently, about 1,6 billion Muslims around the planet follow Muhammad and his immediate successors in the seventh century AD.

No future may seem brighter to Islamic militants -the group behind the terror scares- than becoming martyrs of jihad or war in an effort to impose the literal writings of the Koran under the auspices of ‘faith’ and under threat of violence.

Al Qaeda, that had no land, no managed populations and did not have a caliph, has been overcome, even in appeal among young fanatics who have joined the terrorist organization.

Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda was also a western-backed group that for some time coordinated actions for Islamist fighters to attack the ‘enemy’:  Western imperialism; while ISIS is actively dealing with that enemy by attacking abroad in places such as Paris with the complicity of its western sponsors.

The third phase of the war of words, after politically correct language and the real origins of ISIS, is the propaganda talking point that mainstream media parrots on a daily basis: Those who oppose the appearance and growth of a Police State are accomplices of ISIS because, according to the propaganda, those who want to keep their constitutional rights intact are surrendering before starting the fight of civilizations.

It is in that last point -the fight of civilizations- that the imperialist elite want the world to move towards. Divide and conquer. Order out of chaos. One last fight that will result in total control on their hands while people kill each other because of their inability to understand reality.

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About the author: Luis R. Miranda

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder & editor of The Real Agenda News. His career spans over 23 years in every form of news media. He writes about environmentalism, education, technology, science, health, immigration and other current affairs. Luis has worked as on-air talent, news reporter, television producer, and news writer.

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