Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was critical of the American foreign policy towards Iran but is happy to take billions of dollars from Washington’s pocket to allegedly improve its security.

“If it were not for our hard work on sanctions to hinder its nuclear program, Iran would have had nuclear weapons a long time ago,” Netanyahu said Sunday to his cabinet members.

The Prime Minister of Israel, the only Middle Eastern country that possesses nuclear weapons, has turned its rejection of the Iranian nuclear deal into its focus issue since 2009.

The pact with Iran, championed by Russia and the United States and endorsed by the major world powers last July, has just been blessed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in a new diplomatic setback for Netanyahu.

The head of the Israeli Government aligns well with oil Sunni Gulf monarchies.

“Tehran will now have more funds to finance terrorism,” Netanyahu said, and this requires “hard and aggressive sanctions” on Iran should it commit any violation of the pact, he said.

In its strategy to try to boycott Iran’s agreement with major powers, the Likud prime minister has not hesitated to take on Barack Obama, the president of its main military ally.

First he gave a speech to the US Congress -while being in full legislative campaign in Israel to urge lawmakers to veto the nuclear understanding with Iran.

Later, Netanyahu tried unsuccessfully to encourage lawmakers to topple the Vienna Agreement for review at the camera.

Hypocritically, Netanyahu hopes that Washington renews and expands the funding program of the Israeli military expenditure which expires in 2017.

The US pledged in 2007 to provide 3 billion dollars, the equivalent of 20% of the Israeli defense budget.

Netanyahu now hopes to raise the US contribution to 5 billion annually, according to the Israeli press. The Israeli military hopes that his cash will ensure its technological superiority in the region.

It seems unlikely that the current Democratic president will accept such an increase in its contribution to the Israeli military spending -in which it is not considered the allocations of funds for the Israeli missile systems known as the Iron Dome shield.

The Iron Dome Shield system is used by Israel to intercept rockets fired from the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon.

The only strategy left for the Israeli Prime Minister, which is increasingly isolated from  the rest of the world after opposing the Iranian nuclear deal, signed with Tehran by the world powers, seems to be to try to gain time.

Netanyahu is expecting the next move by the Obama White House, or that of the next elected president, who is set to take over the American Executive next year.

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